Why Is My Electric Heater Making Noise

Why Is My Electric Heater Making Noise?

Have you ever been sitting in your room with your electric heater running when you hear a loud noise? You might be wondering what’s causing that loud noise and if it’s a sign your electric heater is malfunctioning if you have. Here’s why is my electric heater making noise and what you can do about it.

Types of Electric Heater Noises:

Let’s start by listing some common electric heater noises before we explain whether they’re normal. A hissing sound is one of the typical sounds electric heaters make. Due to the expansion and contraction of the metal, this is normal. You’ll hear a whizzing sound when the fan turns on an electric heater.

This is also normal because the fan blades are moving inside the heater. You might hear a clicking sound when the electric heater cycles on and off. Lastly, loose screws inside the heater can make a rattling or clunking noise.

When the Noise is Normal:

A heater makes a noise when it’s running. You don’t need to worry if your heater only makes one of the four above sounds. Like any other electronic, electric heaters work. While operating, they make some noise, which is inevitable.

A heater’s hissing is a natural occurrence; it changes as the heater’s temperature changes. If there’s a constant grinding, buzzing, or whistling sound coming from the heater, it might be a mechanical problem. If so, you should get a professional to check your heater.

When the Noise is Not Normal:

If you hear strange or unfamiliar sounds, it could mean something’s wrong with your electric heater. An explosion noise could mean the heating element is overheating and about to fail.

Worn-out or loose bearings could cause a strange rubbing or squeaking sound. You should turn off the heater and get professional help to prevent further damage.

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Why Is My Electric Heater Making Noise | Possible Reasons

Why Is My Electric Heater Making Noise

1. Dust Buildup

Dust buildup is one of the most common reasons your electric heater makes noise. The fan can become unbalanced when dust accumulates in the heater’s components, making a humming or rattling noise. Turn off the heater, unplug it, and vacuum or clean it thoroughly if you think dust is the problem.

2. Loose Parts

Your electric heater might also be making noise because of loose parts. Most loose parts are fan blades, which can make a scraping noise when they contact other parts.

Turn off the heater and check the fan blade for wear and tear if you hear scraping. Make sure there aren’t any loose screws on the motor mount.

3. Heater Coils

Electric heater coils are essential, but they can buzz or crackle if they’re faulty. It’s usually accompanied by a burning smell and decreased heater performance.

Turn off the heater immediately and unplug it if you think it’s the coils. Make sure the coils are fixed or replaced by a pro.

4. Electric Interference

Electric heaters can also make noise due to interference. Usually, it’s a high-pitched whine that’s constant. There could be electromagnetic interference from other electrical devices causing this noise.

Try moving your heater to another part of the room or plugging it into a different outlet. If you don’t want to deal with that, you can invest in a surge protector.

5. Age of the Heater

Last but not least, your electric heater could also be making a loud noise. It’s possible for the components, particularly the fan, to wear out over time, which makes it louder. If your heater is old, consider getting a new one or have a professional see if it can be repaired.

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How to Fix Noisy Electric Heaters?

Can’t stand the buzzing noise your electric heater makes? You’re in luck! We’ve got the solution!

Electric heaters are popular because they’re cheap and efficient. However, some people find them annoying and noisy. However, if you have a buzzing electric heater, there are a few things you can do.

Check to see if the fan is stuck or broken. You might have to replace it if that’s the case. Try turning the heater off for about 30 minutes and then turning it back on again.

Dust buildup in the heater will settle down and stop causing problems (and noise) with its operation. Check to see if the heater still buzzes after turning it back on – if it does, turn it off again for another 30 minutes before turning it back on.

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Bottom Line:

Now you got the answer to the question: Why Is My Electric Heater Making Noise? Electric heaters can make noise for many reasons, including dust buildup, loose parts, and electric interference.

By identifying and addressing the causes of the noise, you can easily fix it. Consider calling a professional if the problem persists. Your electric heater provides warmth, so don’t let the noise keep you from enjoying it.