How To Choose A Infrared Heater For Screened Porch

How To Choose A Infrared Heater For Screened Porch?

Our screened porch lets us enjoy the outdoors without worrying about bugs and other unpleasantries. It’s a great place for astronomy as well, but the nights there can be cool. We started looking for an infrared heater that would be safe for our new deck, but there were many options!

After doing some research and asking around, we’ve come up with this guide of how to choose a infrared heater for screened porch to help you find the best-infrared heater for your screened porch:

How To Choose A Infrared Heater For Screened Porch | Pro Tips

Tip # 1: Consider the size of the room.

The size of your patio and the anticipated number of guests are the first things to take into account when selecting an infrared heater for your screened porch.

These elements will influence the size of the infrared heater you select, as well as whether you intend to use it all year round or only in the warmer months when it’s comfortable enough to spend time outside without a heater.

If only two or three people spend time on your screened porch, a smaller unit will do just fine.

But if more than five people are coming over often, something more significant may be needed so that everyone can stay warm!

Tip # 2: Look at the wattage.

Look at the wattage once you’ve chosen the type of infrared heater you like.The amount of energy a heater consumes over time is measured in watts; the higher the wattage, the more heat it will produce; the lower the wattage, the less heat it will produce.

You should look for an infrared patio heater with at least 1500 watts (or 1.5 kilowatts) of power; this means your screened porch will stay warm even when it’s raining outside!

Tip # 3: Find out about safety features.

Before you purchase, it’s essential to learn about safety features. For example, the infrared heater should have an overheat protection feature that turns off the unit if it gets too hot.

Also, look for a tip-over switch that shuts down power if someone accidentally knocks over the heater in either direction (up or down).

Tip # 4: Decide if you want a thermostat and a remote control.

To save money and energy, consider getting a thermostat and remote control. This will allow you to turn the heater off and on automatically.

If you don’t need either of these features, get an essential infrared heater without them.

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What Heaters Are Safe For Screened Porch?

How To Choose A Infrared Heater For Screened Porch

There are many options for keeping your screened porch warm and comfortable, but if you want to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, try one of the above.

Oil-filled radiator heaters

These are a good choice for screened porches because they’re safe, portable, and easy to use. They can also be used in small spaces like garages or workshops and on porches. Oil-filled radiators have a small reservoir that holds oil, which is heated by an electric element.

As the oil warms up, it becomes less dense than air, so it rises through tubing inside the radiator (this is why they’re called “radiators”). As this happens, it heats up whatever area of your house has been placed near them–so you don’t need to worry about having any exposed wiring!

Halogen heaters

Halogen heaters are an excellent option for heating your screened porch. They’re safe, can be used in various places, and have many features that make them more convenient than other types of space heaters.

Halogen heaters are available in both portable and non-portable versions. The most common type of halogen heater is the non-portable version because it’s cheaper than buying multiple portable units.

They’re safe to use on screened porches! This is a crucial aspect to take into account when deciding which kind of heater would work best for your needs if you have kids or dogs who spend time outside during the cold months (or even if you just want extra peace of mind before night).

Also, Halogens produce less carbon monoxide than other kinds of gas flames.

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Propane heaters

Propane heaters are an excellent option for screened porches. They’re portable and can be moved around the porch as needed, which makes them perfect for people who want to keep their porches open during the day but close them at night.

They’re also relatively inexpensive compared to other heaters, such as electric or oil-filled radiators. Propane might be less efficient than those other options (it takes more fuel per hour), but it’s still enough to keep you warm during winter without breaking your budget!

Electric radiant heaters

Electric radiant heaters are an excellent option for screened porches. They’re safe for indoor and outdoor use if you have proper ventilation. You can use them to keep your screened porch warm on cool evenings or even keep the bugs away while you work on the computer or read a book outside.

Electric radiant heaters come in many different sizes and styles–from tall, narrow cylinders to short, squat cubes–so there’s sure to be one that fits your space perfectly!

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Bottom Line

Now you know how to choose a infrared heater for screened porch. With so many infrared heaters, knowing which one is right for your screened porch can be hard.

We hope this guide has helped you narrow your options and decide what kind of infrared heater works best for you. If not, we still encourage you to keep looking!

There are so many types out there that it might take some time before finding the perfect one that strikes your fancy–but when it does happen, we hope this article will serve as an inspiration to make things happen.