what to wear camping in the summer

What To Wear Camping In The Summer?

Are you planning a camping trip for the summer? If so, you’re probably wondering what to wear camping in the summer. After all, when it comes to camping in the summer, there are a few specific things you should pack that will make your experience more enjoyable. Here’s a quick overview of what clothes and accessories you should bring on your next camping adventure.

What To Wear Camping In The Summer?

The Basics

No matter where you’re going on your camping trip, some essential clothing items should be packed with you. Of course, everyone should have a few basics: comfortable pants and shirts, like breathable shorts or leggings and tank tops.

It’s also essential to have a few layers on hand to add or remove as needed, depending on the temperature. The key here is to ensure that everything is lightweight and breathable so that you don’t overheat while exploring nature.

Clothing Items

No matter where or how long you’re camping, you should always have some essential items of clothing with you. These include:

  • Breathable shorts and t-shirts – Cotton is best for comfort when outdoors in the heat. Look for options with moisture-wicking material if possible.
  • A lightweight jacket or sweatshirt – Even on hot days, temperatures can drop at night—so be sure to bring along something warm enough to keep you cozy once the sun goes down.
  • A hat or visor – It’s essential to protect yourself from the sun outdoors, so be sure to bring a hat or visor with you!  

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In addition to clothing items, several accessories could come in handy while camping this summer. These include:

  • Sunglasses – Not only do sunglasses look stylish, but they also help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. So be sure to bring a pair along when packing for your trip!
  • Sunscreen – Don’t forget the sunscreen! Even if it’s cloudy outside, applying sunscreen every day before heading outside for any length of time is essential. Also, remember to reapply throughout the day as needed!
  • A flashlight – You may not need it during the day, but having an extra flashlight is essential while camping at night – especially since it gets dark earlier during summer than at other times of the year.  

Wicking Fabrics

When it comes to keeping cool, wicking fabrics are your best friend. These fabrics – like polyester and nylon – draw sweat away from your body and allow for increased airflow. This helps keep you more relaxed than if you wore cotton, which absorbs moisture and traps it against your skin. Look for lightweight shirts and shorts made from wicking materials (or layer them over thin cotton clothing) for maximum breathability on hot days. Now you know about what to wear camping in the summer.

The Right Footwear

One of the most overlooked pieces of apparel is footwear. When camping in the summertime, sandals are always a great option because they let plenty of airflow around your feet for cooling comfort. However, if you plan on doing any hiking or activities off-trail, opt for supportive shoes like trail runners or boots. Ensure they have good ventilation and don’t trap sweat and heat against your feet!

Protect Your Skin

It’s also important to remember that UV rays are vital in the summertime — even when it’s cloudy outside! So invest in sun-protective clothing such as long-sleeved shirts and pants with UPF ratings (ultraviolet protection factor) to protect yourself from sunburns. Additionally, don’t forget to bring a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses (or prescription eyeglasses with UV protection) to shield your face from harmful rays.  


It’s always smart to bring along an extra layer in case temperatures drop unexpectedly overnight or during rain showers throughout the day. A lightweight jacket can prove invaluable when it comes time to go sightseeing or hang out by the campfire at night. If rain is expected during your trip, bring along a waterproof coat as well—it will keep you dry while still allowing some breathability so that you don’t feel overheated while exploring outdoors.  

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We hope now you know what to wear camping in the summer. Now that we’ve gone over what clothes and accessories are essential for any summertime camping excursion. Let’s recap what we’ve learned: Comfortable shoes and breathable cotton clothing are must-haves; don’t forget sunglasses, sunscreen, and bug spray; and lastly – be sure to bring along a flashlight too!

Following these tips and packing these essential items before hitting the road this summer season will make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable (and comfortable!) than ever before! Happy trails!