how to keep car camping cool in the summer

How To Keep Car Camping Cool In The Summer?

Warmer weather means it’s time to hit the road for some car camping fun. But before you pack up your tent and cooler, you should know a few things about how to keep car camping cool in the summer even when the summer sun is shining. So read on to find out how to make sure you stay comfortable and have a great time in the great outdoors!

How To Keep Car Camping Cool In The Summer?

Look For Sites With Shade Or Trees

When you’re looking for campsites, take into consideration how much shade is available. If there are trees around the site and plenty of shade, that can help keep your tent and campsite cooler during the day. And if there isn’t natural shade available, consider bringing a tarp or other type of cover that you can use to create your shade. This will make it easier to stay cool even in direct sunlight.

Take Advantage of Breezes

Whenever possible, set up your tent so that it faces away from the sun and towards any breezes that might come through during the day. This will help ensure that any cooling breezes get funneled right into your tent so you can enjoy them without having to leave your campsite (which is especially important on those hot days!). That being said, ensure that your tent is secure enough to handle any gusts of wind—you don’t want it blowing away in the middle of the night!  

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Optimize Your Ventilation Systems       

Optimizing your ventilation systems is one of the most effective ways to stay cool when car camping. This means opening all available windows and using any fans or air conditioners built into your vehicle. For added cooling power, consider setting up a portable fan near one of your open windows—make sure it’s not too close so that it doesn’t blow directly onto you while sleeping!

Additionally, if you’re able to bring an additional battery for powering these items, do so, as this will prevent them from draining too much energy from your primary battery.  Now, you should know the answer “how to keep car camping cool in the summer.”

how to keep car camping cool in the summer

It’s essential to stay hydrated when car camping in warmer weather—especially if you’re planning on doing any physical activities like hiking or swimming. Please bring plenty of water bottles and use reusable ice packs or frozen water bottles to help keep them cold. Be sure to check your cooler every few hours and refresh it with new ice as needed!

Avoid Heavy Meals & Choose Cool Activities

Eating heavy meals can make us feel even hotter than we already do in hot weather, so stick with lighter fare like salads, sandwiches, and fruit when car camping in the summertime. To beat the heat while having fun, try activities like fishing (or just watching fish!), reading books under a shady tree, or playing games like frisbee or volleyball with friends. Now you know about how to keep car camping cool in the summer.

What Temperature Is Too Hot For Camping?

Regarding camping, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear. But even the best gear will only do you a little good if the temperature is too hot. So, what is too hot for camping? Of course, the answer depends on several factors, including your personal tolerance for heat and the type of camping you are doing.

If you are car camping in the desert, for example, you will need to be prepared for temperatures that can exceed 100 degrees during the day. On the other hand, if you are backpacking in the mountains, you may find that 30 degrees is too hot to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

In general, however, most people find anything above 80 degrees too hot for camping. So, if you’re planning a summer camping trip, be sure to check the forecast and pack accordingly.

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Car camping can be one of the most enjoyable ways to get away from it all during the summer months – but it can also become unbearable if you don’t take precautions against extreme temperatures. By following these tips for keeping cool while car camping in the summertime, you’ll be able to enjoy all that nature has to offer without overheating! With proper preparation, you’ll be ready for anything Mother Nature throws at you during your summer adventures. We hope now you know how to keep car camping cool in the summer.