How many mags does a dump pouch hold

How Many Mags Does A Dump Pouch Hold?

Have you ever wondered how many mags a dump pouch can hold? If you’re an avid shooter, then you’ve probably come across dump pouches in the past. These pouches are designed to store empty magazines and other gear conveniently. But just how much mags does a dump pouch hold? So let’s take a closer look.

How Many Mags Does A Dump Pouch Hold

The answer depends on the size of the pouch and the type of magazine you use. Generally speaking, smaller pouches will hold fewer magazines than larger pouches. Still, it is impossible to provide an exact number since there are many different sizes and types of magazines.

The best way to find out how many mags your dump pouch can hold is to fill it up with magazines and see for yourself! This may sound like a tedious exercise, but it’s pretty simple.

First, you need to load up your magazine with ammunition (if applicable) and then try fitting them into the dump pouch one at a time until it’s complete. Once the pouch is full, count the number of magazines inside—that’s how many your pouch can hold!

Another factor that affects how many mags your dump pouch can hold is whether or not it has any pockets or compartments for additional storage space.

Many pouches now come with pockets that can store small items such as spare bullets or tools. These pockets offer additional storage capacity without taking away from the main compartment where your magazines are stored, so they can increase the amount of ammo you can fit into your dump pouch!

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Types of Dump Pouches

How many mags does a dump pouch hold

When it comes to determining how many mags a dump pouch can hold, it all depends on the type of pouch. Several types of dump pouches are available, including open-top pouches, closed-top pouches, and side-opening pouches. Each one offers its unique advantages and disadvantages when it comes to storage capacity.

Open-Top Pouch: An open-top pouch is the most common available mag pouch. It’s designed with an open top allowing quick and easy access to your gear. This type of pouch typically holds two or three 30-round AR 15 magazines or four 20-round M4 magazines without any added bulk or weight, making them great for tactical applications.

However, this type of pouch does not offer any closure system like a zipper or Velcro closure, so your magazines may be exposed to the elements if you’re in an outdoor environment.

Closed-Top Pouch: If you’re looking for something more secure than an open-top pouch, then a closed-top pouch is your best bet. This pouch is designed with a lid that can be securely fastened shut using Velcro or zippered closures. The downside to this type of design is that it adds extra bulk and weight to your gear.

On the plus side, though, these pouches offer better protection against dirt and dust and provide easy access to your magazines should you need them in a hurry. In addition, most closed-top pouches can hold up to six 30-round AR 15 magazines or eight 20-round M4 magazines comfortably without added bulk or weight.

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Side Opening Pouch: The last type of dump pouch is the side opening pouch which is designed with both an open top and side opening flap for added convenience when accessing your gear quickly in an emergency.

These pouches typically hold two 30-round AR 15 magazines or four 20-round M4 magazines without extra bulk or weight. Still, they do not offer any closure mechanism like Velcro or zippers, which could expose your equipment if used outdoors in harsh weather conditions.

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Bottom Line

So know you know how many mags does a dump pouch hold. Its good to know that dump pouches are great for keeping extra mags close at hand during shooting exercises and competitions but just how much ammo they can carry varies depending on the type of pouch being used.

Open-top pouches are generally best suited for tactical applications as they allow quick and easy access while providing adequate storage capacity (2 – 3 mags). Closed-top designs offer more security but add extra bulk and weight.

In contrast, side-opening designs provide quick access yet lack any closure system, which could lead to exposure issues if used outdoors in inclement weather conditions (2 – 4 mags). Ultimately it all comes down to personal preference, so do some research before investing in one!