how to mount dump pouch on Molle

How To Mount Dump Pouch On Molle?

If you’re an avid outdoorsman, you know the importance of securely attaching your gear to your backpack or tactical vest. One of the most popular ways to do this is using Molle webbing. In this article, we’ll discuss how to mount dump pouch on Molle webbing to stay secure and in place while you’re out in the wild.

To mount a dump pouch on MOLLE webbing, thread the straps on the back of the pouch through the MOLLE loops and secure them tightly for a secure attachment.

What is MOLLE?

MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment and is an integral part of military gear. It consists of two components: PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing and compatible accessories.

The webbing allows for easy attachment of pouches, holsters, straps, etc., while the compatible accessories are designed to fit in between the webbing without slipping or coming loose.

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Why Attach a Dump Pouch?

A dump pouch is an essential piece of equipment for any soldier in the field because it allows them to quickly and easily store extra magazines, ammunition, or other small items that need to be accessed quickly in an emergency. It also helps reduce fatigue by distributing the weight of these items across your body more evenly.

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How To Mount Dump Pouch On MOLLE Gear?

how to mount dump pouch on Molle

Step 1: Attach the MOLLE Strap

The first step is to attach the MOLLE strap to your dump pouch. To do this, slide the male end of the strap through one of the loops on your dump pouch and then loop it around one of the horizontal bars on your MOLLE webbing.

Pull it tight and loop it around several times before tying a knot. This will ensure that it’s securely attached.

Step 2: Attach The Strap To The Webbing

Once the strap is attached to your dump pouch, you can attach it to your MOLLE webbing. Start by lining up the two ends of the MOLLE strap with one of the vertical bars on your webbing, ensuring that they are evenly spaced apart.

Then, pull both ends tightly and thread them through one of the loops to create a secure connection between your pouch and webbing. Finally, tie a knot at each end for extra security.

Step 3: Secure With Zip Ties

Use zip ties to secure each end of the MOLLE strap to its respective vertical bar on your webbing.

This will ensure that everything is held together tightly, and there is no chance of slippage or movement when carrying heavy loads or running long distances with your gear strapped down.

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What Is A Molle Dump Pouch Used For?

Molle dump pouches are incredibly versatile and have many different uses. For example, they can store snacks while out on a hike or fishing trip.

Or you can use them to keep small items such as knives, flashlights, maps, or compasses organized while exploring the great outdoors.

In addition, many people use Molle dump pouches for survival-prepping purposes—stocking them with essential items that might be needed during an emergency, such as fire starters and water purification tablets.

How Do You Choose the Right One?

When choosing a Molle dump pouch, there are several factors that you should consider before making your purchase. First, size is essential; you want to ensure that the pouch is big enough for all of your items but not too big that it becomes bulky or uncomfortable when worn.

Additionally, pay attention to the material; some materials may be more durable than others, depending on your intended use.

Finally, consider how many pockets the pouch has; some may feature multiple compartments for better organization of your gear, while others may only have one pocket for more oversized items.

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Bottom Line:

So, how to mount dump pouch on Molle? Well, Mounting a dump pouch onto Molle webbing is easy if you follow these three simple steps!

By attaching a MOLLE strap between your dump pouch and webbing and securing them with zip ties, you can be sure that everything will stay put while out in nature or navigating demanding terrain in tactical situations.

Whether you’re an experienced outdoorsman or just getting started with Molle gear, following these steps should help make sure that all of your gear stays safe and secure!