How to fix electric shower temperature control

How To Fix Electric Shower Temperature Control?

Adding an electric shower to your home will provide you with hot water whenever you need it. However, if the temperature control of the electric shower needs to be fixed, it can become a frustrating experience. No control over the water temperature can cause cold or scalding hot water. This blog post will show you how to fix electric shower temperature control.

To fix electric shower temperature control issues, check wiring connections, replace faulty thermostats or elements, and calibrate the unit as needed, ensuring safe and consistent water temperature.

How To Fix Electric Shower Temperature Control | Step By Step Procedure

Step 1: Turn off the Electricity Supply

Turn off the electricity supply to the shower before making any repairs. Locate the circuit breaker that controls the shower and turn it off. You can also turn off the main power supply.

Step 2: Remove the Cover of the Shower

Once the electricity supply is turned off, remove the cover of the electric shower. Screwdrivers can easily remove the cover, which is usually held in place by screws. Don’t lose the screws by keeping them in a safe place.

Step 3: Inspect the Temperature Control Unit

The temperature control unit of an electric shower is responsible for regulating the temperature of the water. Water temperature will only be regulated properly if the temperature control unit is fixed. Check the temperature control unit for wear and tear. Replace the temperature control unit if it is damaged.

Step 4: Replace the Temperature Control Unit

Disconnect the wires attached to the temperature control unit before replacing them. Before disconnecting wires, please note which terminals they are connected to.

Replace the temperature control unit with a new one once you have disconnected the wires. Wire the new temperature control unit in the same order as the old one.

Step 5: Test the Shower

Once the temperature control unit is replaced, it is time to test the shower. Start the shower and turn on the electricity. Gradually increase and decrease the hot and cold water flow to test the temperature. As long as the temperature control works correctly, the water temperature should be regulated.

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Why Is My Electric Shower Not So Hot?

How to fix electric shower temperature control

Cold showers are a nightmare for most people. Electric showers are the go-to gadgets for that relaxing hot bath experience. But what happens when your electric shower starts to produce lukewarm water? You’re not alone in this frustration. That’s why we’ll explore the five possible reasons why your electric shower may not be so hot.

The power supply

Your electric shower may only produce hot water if the power supply is sufficient. Electric showers require an adequate power supply to heat water to the right temperature. If the power supply is low, your shower might produce lukewarm or cold water.

Check if there’s any power-hungry gadget running in your house that might cause a low power supply. Alternatively, having an electrician check your wiring to ensure it can handle the electric shower’s wattage would be best.

The heating element

The heating element is responsible for heating the cold water into your electric shower. Faulty or damaged heating elements won’t produce enough heat to warm water. In turn, the shower will produce lukewarm or cold water. You’ll need to replace the heating element if this is the problem.

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The water pressure

Another reason your electric shower may not be so hot is low water pressure. Electric showers require a minimum water pressure to heat water effectively, producing hot water. The showerhead won’t produce hot water if the water pressure is low. Check if the water pressure is turned to its maximum, and if the issue persists, you can consider installing a water pump.

The showerhead

Over time, mineral deposits can accumulate in showerheads, reducing the water flow and, in turn, the shower’s heating efficiency. If the showerhead is clogged, the water flow will be low, which makes it difficult for your electric shower to heat water effectively. In this case, you must clean the showerhead thoroughly to remove the mineral buildup.

The temperature limiter

If your electric shower has a temperature limiter, it may be why it isn’t so hot. The temperature limiter is a safety feature installed in modern electric showers to control the temperature to avoid scalding.

However, sometimes the temperature limiter may function at the wrong temperature range, resulting in lukewarm water. You can either remove this limit or adjust it to a higher temperature.

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Bottom Line:

This step-by-step guide of how to fix electric shower temperature control will help you solve the temperature control issue on an electric shower.

Remember to turn off the electricity supply before attempting any repairs, and always replace faulty parts with new ones. Always seek professional help if you need clarification on any part of the repair process.