Best Solar Powered Fence Charger

Best Solar Powered Fence Charger In 2023

Hey there! If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to power your electric fences with the best solar powered fence charger, you’re in the right place.

These solar electric fence chargers are changing the game of managing livestock and keeping intruders out. In this guide, we’ll dive into the top features and benefits of the best solar powered fence chargers. So you can make a smart choice for your electrification needs.

How We Choose Our Solar-Powered Fence Charger

Picking the best solar powered fence charger is no easy task, but don’t worry. We’ve got your back! We’re looking for features like voltage, quality, and all the good stuff to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

We wanna make sure you get a charger that packs enough punch to keep your fence doing its job. Whether you’re wrangling critters or keeping intruders out.

We’re only looking at the best solar fence chargers from trustworthy brands that won’t let you down. We hit up Amazon to check out the top contenders. We dive into reviews, product descriptions, and ratings. After all that detective work, we handpick the top 5 solar-powered fence chargers.

Our Top Picks Of Best Solar Powered Fence Charger

1. Premier Solar IntelliShock® 60 Fence Energizer | Best Overall

Best Solar Powered Fence Charger

What Got Us Hooked?

Meet the Premier Solar Fence Energizer, your all-in-one solution for powering electric fences. This portable unit comes with a 0.60-joule solar energizer. It even includes a step-in ground stake that doubles as a support stand. How convenient is that?

You’ll love how easy it is to adjust the solar panel to match the seasonal light changes. It ensures your fence stays powered year-round. Plus, the large-capacity battery keeps things running smoothly. It is helpful even during those long stretches of low sunlight.

What sets this energizer apart is its IntelliShock® feature. It reduces energy demand when your fence’s high voltage due to fewer weeds touching it. That means you get better energy efficiency and save on power consumption.

Things to Know About Premier Solar Fence Energizer

The package comes with everything you need: the 0.60-joule fence energizer and a 12V/12AH sealed lead acid battery. It also has a wiring harness, a 10-watt solar panel with preset tilt angles, and a 110V battery recharger.

The other things are a U-Spike ground stake, an overcharge regulator, and a UV-treated case. and a digital fence tester. Talk about being fully equipped!

And here’s the best part: you get a 2-year warranty that covers the energizer against lightning. There’s also a 30-day warranty for all batteries (except for misuse or flood damage). Rest easy, knowing your investment is protected.

User’s Fun Story About

A Satisfied User said:

“I got my hands on the Premier Solar Fence Energizer. And let me tell you; it’s been a total game-changer for my electric fence setup. First off, setting it up was a breeze with that step-in ground stake.

And guess what? The solar panel is easy to adjust based on the season’s sunlight changes. So, I never worry about power shortages.

But wait, there’s more! This comes with an awesome IntelliShock® feature that’s super smart. It reduces energy demand when my fence voltage is high. So, it’s energy-efficient and helps me save some bucks on power bills. Nice, right?”

2. Zareba ESP10M-Z Solar Powered Fence Charger | Best Electric Fence Energizer

Best Solar Powered Fence Charger

What Got Us Hooked?

Looking for a charger that can handle some serious fencing? Say hello to the Zareba ESP10M-Z Fence Charger! This can energize up to 10 miles of electric fencing in ideal conditions. And maybe up to 5 miles in light weed conditions.

It has a solar-powered design. It stores enough energy to keep your fence running smoothly for up to 2 weeks without sunlight. Now, that’s what we call sustainability!

Things to Know About Zareba ESP10M-Z Fence Charger

Installation is easy with the built-in mounting bracket that fits and round-wood posts. Talk about versatility! It has 0.15 output joules, that is enough punch to support large animals like cattle, horses, bulls, and goats.

What’s more? The Zareba ESP10M-Z is from the USA and undergoes full-load testing after production. Plus, it arrives with a 1-year limited warranty, covering lightning damage. How’s that for peace of mind?

User’s Fun Story About

A Satisfied User said:

“Here’s the kicker – it’s solar-powered, so no more battery-changing headaches. And guess what? It stores enough energy to keep my fence juiced up for up to two weeks without sun. That’s what I call being super eco-friendly!

Did I mention it’s made right here in the good ol’ USA? Plus, they put it through some serious testing to ensure it’s top-notch. Oh, and get this – it comes with a 1-year limited warranty, even covering lightning damage. Now that’s some serious peace of mind!”

3. Zareba ESP5M-Z Solar Powered Fence Charger | Best 5 Mile Lightning Electric Fence Energizer

Best Solar Powered Fence Charger

What Got Us Hooked?

If you’re looking for a reliable charger for your electric fencing, the Zareba ESP5M-Z is here. It can energize up to 5 miles of fence in ideal conditions. And up to 2.5 miles in light weed conditions, this charger is perfect for smaller setups.

Like its previous models, the ESP5M-Z features a long-lasting charge. It ensures your fence stays powered for up to 2 weeks without sunlight. Talk about staying lit even during cloudy days!

Things to Know About

What’s cool about this solar charger is its patented 360-degree rotation. It allows you to adjust it on T-posts to catch the changing sunlight angles. Now you can maximize solar energy absorption for top-notch efficiency.

As with all Zareba products, this is made in the USA and rigorously tested after production. And yes, it also comes with a 1-year limited warranty. The warranty includes lightning damage coverage. Now that’s a quality you can trust.

User’s Fun Story About Zareba ESP5M-Z Fence Charger

A Satisfied User said:

“You know what’s cool? It’s solar-powered! So you can forget about changing batteries. Plus, it stores enough energy to keep your fence zapping away for up to 2 weeks without sunlight. Talk about being reliable!

It can rotate 360 degrees on those T-posts, catching all the sweet sunshine angles. That means maximum energy efficiency, my friends.”

4. Parmak DF-SP-LI Electric Fencer | Premium-Quality

Best Solar Powered Fence Charger

What Got Us Hooked?

The Parmak DF-SP-LI Charger is a rockstar for those seeking a serious rechargeable battery solution. This baby can operate for an incredible 21 days in total darkness! Imagine the peace of mind of knowing your fence will stay powered even during those long winters.

This charger is perfect for medium-sized pastures with its weatherproof and sleek design. It’s built tough to withstand the elements.

Things to Know About

The DF-SP-LI comes complete with a sealed rechargeable 6-volt battery. So, there is no need to keep buying new batteries all the time. That’s not just convenient; it’s eco-friendly too!

And get this—it can charge up to 25 miles of fence with its 1.6 joules of power. Now, that’s electrifying! It’s a versatile choice for various animals and is for cattle, horses, pigs, and even dogs.

User’s Fun Story About Parmak DF-SP-LI Fence Charger

A Satisfied User said:

“Hey, fellow farmers! I’ve got the perfect solution for you – the Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Fence Charger. This thing is a total lifesaver for my remote pasture! The best part? It can keep your fence powered up for an incredible 21 days, even in total darkness. Can you believe it?

This is weatherproof and outdoor-ready, so it can handle whatever Mother Nature throws. Oh, and guess what? It comes with a sealed rechargeable 6-volt battery. So, no more fussing about replacements.”

5. Solar Fence Charger | Best Lightning Diverter

Best Solar Powered Fence Charger

What Got Us Hooked?

Looking for a powerful solar fence charger with some added protection? The Solar 12 Volt Fence Charger has got you covered. It has an impressive 2 joules of power. It can activate and maintain electrification across a whopping 1 to 100 acres of fencing. Now that’s a lot of coverage!

What’s interesting about this charger is that it doesn’t have an internal battery. You simply clip on a 12-volt battery, and you’re ready! For best results, a deep-cycle battery is recommended.

Things to Know About Solar 12 Volt Fence Charger

It has a low-impedance design. You get efficient energy transfer to the fence line. It makes it effective at keeping unwanted critters out. And yes, it has a 2-year warranty for added peace of mind.

As a bonus, the package includes a free lightning diverter and a 5J-lightning fuse 2-pack. Now you can protect your investment from potential damage caused by lightning strikes. How thoughtful is that?

User’s Fun Story About

A Satisfied User said:

“Hey, ranchers! Listen up because this Solar 12 Volt Fence Charger is something you’ll wanna hear about. It’s a powerhouse with a whopping 2 joules of power, enough to electrify an impressive 1 to 100 acres of fencing. Now that’s what I call electrifying!

There’s more! They throw in a lightning diverter and a 5J-lightning fuse 2-pack for added lightning protection too. Talk about going the extra mile! So, if you want a reliable and powerful charger, this one’s a no-brainer.”

Buying Guide Of Best Solar Powered Fence Charger

Are you ready to electrify your fencing game with the best solar powered fence charger?

Let’s dive into this guide to help you find the perfect solar-powered fence charger. We’ve got all the tips and top picks to keep your livestock in and intruders out!

Powering Up Your Fence – Voltage Matters

The first thing you wanna consider is the voltage. That’s the lifeblood of an overpowered electric fence charger! Look for chargers with enough voltage to get the job done. It depends on the distance you need to cover and the type of critters you’re containing.

Quality Matters – Reliability and Durability

No one wants a charger that fizzles out after a short while. Quality matters! Stick to reputable brands known for their reliability and durability. You want a charger that can handle whatever Mother Nature throws its way.

Soaking Up the Sun – Solar Efficiency

The magic of solar-powered chargers lies in their ability to get the sun’s rays. And then turn them into electricity. Look for chargers with high solar efficiency to keep your fence powered up, even on cloudy days.

Power Storage – Battery Capacity

The sun shines bright during the day, but what happens at night? A good battery capacity is essential to store all that solar-generated energy. Choose a charger with a battery that can keep your solar powered electric fence running through dark hours.

Safety First – Protecting Your System

Safety is non-negotiable when it comes to electric fences. Check out these electric fence chargers made with safety features like overload protection and short circuit prevention. You wanna keep your charger and fence safe from any potential damage.

Fence Type Compatibility – Does It Match?

Consider the type of fence you’re using. Chargers work best with specific fence types, like wire, tape, or netting. Make sure your charger is a good match for your fence so you get optimal performance.

Charger Power & Size – Coverage Area

How much ground are you electrifying? Check the charger’s coverage area to see if it fits your needs. Some chargers are perfect for small pastures, while others can power up vast areas.

Easy Installation – No Fuss, No Muss

Let’s keep things simple, shall we? Look for chargers with easy installation features, like clear instructions and mounting options. A hassle-free setup gets you up and running in no time.

Move It Where You Need It – Portability

If you’re fencing different areas on your property, portability is key. Some chargers are designed to be moved around, allowing you to change fence locations.

Peace of Mind – Warranty and Support

A solid warranty gives you confidence in your purchase. Check for chargers with a manufacturer’s warranty, covering potential defects or issues. And don’t forget about customer support – it’s always good to know help is just a call away.

Budget-Friendly Options – Price Range

Let’s talk about your budget. Solar-powered fence chargers come in a variety of price ranges. We’ll help you find an option that fits your budget without compromising on quality.

User-Friendly Interface – Display and Controls

A user-friendly interface makes life easier! Look for chargers with clear displays and easy-to-use controls. A simple interface allows you to monitor and adjust settings effortlessly.

Weather Resistance – Rain or Shine

Mother Nature can be unpredictable, so you’ll want a charger to handle everything. Seek chargers with weather-resistant features, ensuring they can withstand rain, and harsh conditions.

Energy-Saving Mode – Efficiency Matters

We love efficiency! Some chargers have energy-saving modes that adjust power output based on fence demand. This feature helps save battery power and extends the charger’s operational time.

Smart Technology – Remote Monitoring

Get tech-savvy with most solar fence chargers that offer remote monitoring capabilities. You can monitor your fence’s status and settings from your smartphone or computer.

Expandability – Growing Your Fence

Planning to expand your fence in the future? Check if your chosen charger supports expandability. Some chargers allow adding extra solar panels, and batteries to meet your future needs.

Customer Reviews – Real User Insights

Don’t forget to read customer reviews! Real user experiences can provide insights into a charger’s performance. Also look for durability, and ease of use. Look for chargers with positive feedback from satisfied customers.

Tips To Protect Best Solar Powered Fence Charger From Environmental Agents

If you’ve got the best solar powered fence charger to protect your property and animals! But did you know that environmental factors can mess with its efficiency? Don’t worry. We have some super easy tips to help you keep your best solar fence charger safe from those environmental agents!

Picking the Perfect Spot

First things first – finding the right location for your solar-powered fence charger. You want a place that gets plenty of sunlight all day long.

The more sunshine it gets, the more power it absorbs to charge the battery. Also, ensure no shade from trees, buildings, or anything else blocking the solar panel.

Give it Some Armor.

Sometimes, we all need a little protection, and your charger is no exception. Get a sturdy protective casing for it.

Look for ones made from weather-resistant plastic or UV-stabilized polycarbonate. These bad boys shield your charger from rain, snow, dust, and harsh sunlight. Just make sure there’s enough ventilation to keep it cool on those hot days.

Surge Protection for the Win

Mother Nature can be unpredictable, and lightning strikes or power surges are troublemakers. But fret not! Install some surge protection devices. They’ll divert that extra electrical energy away from your charger. No more worries about costly repairs or replacements!

Cleanliness is Key

Who likes dirt and grime? Not your solar panel, that’s for sure! Make sure to clean it regularly with a soft cloth and mild detergent. This way, it’ll absorb all that lovely sunshine without any problems. But remember, be gentle – no harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, please!

Banish Corrosion

Moisture and humidity can lead to nasty corrosion in your charger’s connections. You want to avoid that! So, grab some dielectric grease and apply a thin layer to those connectors and terminals. This little trick will repel water and moisture, keeping corrosion at bay.

Rain Shields to the Rescue

If you live in a rainy area, don’t forget to get rain shields or waterproof covers for your charger. These handy shields protect your charger from direct water exposure. No more water trouble!

Keep the Grounding Game Strong

A good grounding system is crucial for safety and functionality. Check those grounding rods and connections regularly to ensure they’re secure and corrosion-free. A weak grounding system could mean shocks for your animals or damage to the charger.

Pest Control Party

Pests and rodents can be real pests themselves! They might chew your charger’s wiring or mess with the internal components. Yikes! But with some pest control, like keeping the area clear of vegetation and nesting spots.

Winter is Coming – Be Ready!

Freezing temperatures in winter can mess with your charger’s performance. Brrr! Insulate the battery to keep it cozy and warm. And make sure your solar panel is angled just right to catch that winter sun, even if it’s not as high in the sky.

Regular Maintenance

Treat your charger right by giving it some love through regular maintenance. Check all the parts, clean the panel, monitor the battery, and ensure tight connections. If you catch any issues early, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble later.

Avoid Overcharging

We know solar power is awesome, but too much of a good thing can sometimes be bad. Overcharging your battery can damage it.

Thankfully, many modern solar-powered fence chargers have built-in charge controllers to prevent overcharging. Just make sure yours has one, and you’re good to go!

Storm-Proof Your Charger

Storms can be wild, and the last thing you want is your charger getting caught in the crossfire. Ensure your charger is fastened to its mounting point to withstand strong winds. Reinforce it if needed, so you won’t have to play hide-and-seek with your charger after a storm.

Inspect the Wiring

Wiring might not be the most exciting thing to check, but it’s crucial! Inspect all the wiring connected to your charger for signs of wear, or loose connections. Keep it neat, and you’ll have a happier, healthier charger.

Winter Storage Tips

Consider storing your solar-powered fence charger indoors during the off-season. This protects it from harsh weather conditions and ensures it’s in top shape when you need it again.

Test Your Charger

Every once in a while, give your solar powered electric fence charger a little test. Check the battery is holding its charge, the solar panel is working, and the fence is receiving power. It’s like a mini-checkup for your solar fence charger reviews too!


1. Do solar fence chargers work?

Absolutely! Solar fence chargers work. They harness the power of the sun to generate electricity. It then zaps your electric fence. It’s a cool and eco-friendly way to keep your animals in and the intruders out.

2. Is solar fencing AC or DC?

So, solar fencing runs on good ol’ DC power, not AC. The solar panel whips up some direct current. It goes into the battery to power your electric fence. Simple as that!

3. How many kV is an electric fence?

The kV (kilovolts) on an electric fence can vary, but you’re looking at somewhere between 5 to 10 kV for a typical setup. That’s enough to give a little shock and keep things in line, depending on your critters.

4. Does a solar fence charger need a battery?

Yup, solar fence chargers need a battery buddy. The solar panel does its job by producing electricity, but it needs a battery to store that power. That way, your solar electric fence charger stays zapping even when the sun naps.

5. Are 2000 volts enough for an electric fence?

Well, 2000 volts might do the trick for some situations, but it depends on what you’re fencing in or out. The voltage you need can vary based on the animals and the fence design. Better to check what suits your setup.

Final Verdict On Best Solar Powered Fence Charger

So, there you have it! The best solar powered fence charger is an efficient way of containing small animals. These chargers tap into the sun’s power. And convert it into electric energy for your electric fences.

How cool is that? Plus, they work like a charm during those pesky power outages in remote areas. So, go green and invest in the best solar-powered fence charger to keep your space safe and secure.