Can You Wash Muck Boots In The Washing Machine

Can You Wash Muck Boots In The Washing Machine?

Let’s face it – muck boots have become increasingly popular over the years. They can be found everywhere, from gardening and farming to outdoor festivals and long hikes! But with all the dirt and mud that comes with wearing muck boots, you may wonder can you wash muck boots in the washing machine.

Read everything you need about washing your muck boots in the machine.

Can You Wash Muck Boots in the Washing Machine?

The answer is yes…but with a few caveats! First, most muck boot companies do not recommend putting their boots in the washing machine due to potential damage from harsh detergents and abrasive agitation cycles.

If you decide to wash your muck boots in a machine, select a gentle cycle using cold water only, then air dries them afterward. Also, take extra care when handling leather or suede material, as these materials are susceptible to water.

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How To Wash Your Muck Boots

Can You Wash Muck Boots In The Washing Machine

Step 1: Remove the lining and laces from your boots.

If your boots have removable linings, take them out before cleaning. This will give you better access to the inside of the boot, allowing for thorough cleaning.

You should also remove any laces or straps that can be taken off; these items should be washed separately from the boots themselves.

Step 2: Wipe down the exterior of your boots with a damp cloth or sponge.

This will help remove any dirt or debris on the outside of the boot before putting them into the washer. Be sure to use a gentle soap if necessary; harsh detergents may damage your boot’s material or cause discoloration.

Step 3: Place your boots in a mesh laundry bag and add detergent.

Double-check that all zippers and buckles are securely closed before adding them to your washing machine load; this will help keep your other clothes from snagging on any loose parts during cleaning.

Finally, choose a gentle cycle without an agitator to ensure that there is no unnecessary wear and tear on the fabric of your boots while they’re being cleaned.

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Caring for Your Boots After Washing

Once your Muck boots are dry, you may notice some small creases where they were folded during drying—this is normal as leather tends to form creases when dried at home rather than professionally tanned like most shoes.

To help reduce these wrinkles, apply a light coating of leather conditioner once every few months after cleaning your boots (you can find this at most shoe repair shops).

This will help keep them soft and supple, preventing cracking or splitting due to age or heavy wear and tear.  Finally, store your Muck boots away from direct sunlight when not in use, as this can cause fading or discoloration over time.

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How Do You Dry Muck Boots?

Drying muck boots properly can extend their life and help keep your feet warm and dry. Remove any extra dirt or mud using a knife and small brush, then rinse the boots with a hose or other water source to remove light dirt.

After they are mostly free of mud and dirt, old newspapers are inside each boot. This will help them keep their shape while helping absorb excess moisture.

If you still have wet spots, try rubbing beeswax or petroleum jelly onto them – this will also add an extra layer of waterproofing.  

Lastly, put the boots in a warm area away from direct sunlight or heat sources – like a sunny windowsill! These simple steps will ensure your muck boots stay dry and last longer.

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So here is the answer to the question, can you wash muck boots in the washing machine or not. No matter how you decide to clean your muck boots—whether by hand-washing or machine-washing—you must take extra care.

By following these simple steps above and avoiding harsher detergents and temperatures, you should be able to keep your favorite pair of mucks looking like new for years to come!

So don’t let those muddy trails keep you from exploring; remember to give your boots some TLC when it’s time for cleaning up!