Where to mount 360 camera on motorcycle

Where To Mount 360 Camera On Motorcycle?

If you want to capture some stunning video footage of your motorcycle riding adventures, a 360 camera is the perfect way to do it. But where to mount 360 camera on motorcycle? Here are some tips for finding the right spot!

Mount a 360 camera on your motorcycle’s handlebars or helmet for dynamic shots. Securely attach it to minimize vibrations and maximize stability.

Where To Mount 360 Camera On Motorcycle | Possible Places

On the Helmet

One of the best places to mount a 360 camera is directly on your helmet. This will give you a first-person view of your ride that will be captivating and immersive. Just ensure the camera isn’t too bulky or heavy for your helmet – otherwise, it might cause discomfort when you wear it.

On the Handlebars

Another great option is to mount your camera on the handlebars of your motorcycle. This position gives you an unobstructed view of what’s in front and behind your bike. Plus, if you use a gooseneck mount, you can adjust the camera angle so that it captures just what you want it to.

On the Fairing

If you want your camera positioned in front of you but don’t want it mounted on your helmet or handlebars, consider mounting it on the fairing (or windscreen) instead. This will give you a similar first-person perspective with fewer chances for interference from wind noise or obstructions in front of the lens.

However, remember that this will give less coverage behind you than mounting on either the helmet or handlebars would.

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How Do You Position A 360 Camera On a Motorcycle?

Where to mount 360 camera on motorcycle

If you want to capture stunning shots while on your motorcycle, consider investing in a 360-degree camera. This type of camera allows you to shoot immersive 3D footage and photos that will give viewers an incredibly realistic experience.

But before you can start shooting with your 360 camera, you need to know how to position it properly on your bike so that it captures all the action. Read on for our step-by-step guide on setting a 360 camera on a motorcycle.

Step 1: Choose Your Mounting Location

The first step is deciding where you want to mount the camera on the bike. You generally have three options for mounting locations—the front forks, handlebars, or seat post—but some cameras have unique mounts designed for specific mounting locations.

Choose the spot that will provide the best coverage of what’s happening in front of and behind you while giving viewers an up-close look at your bike and its features.

Step 2: Secure The Mounting Base

Once you’ve chosen where to mount your camera, use a screwdriver (or other appropriate tools) to secure the mounting base. Ensure it is firmly secured before moving on to the next step.

After attaching the mounting base, attach any extra components like straps or screws so that everything is securely in place and ready for use.

Step 3: Attach The Camera            

Once the mounting base is secure, attach the camera using either a thumbscrew or hex key, depending on what type of mount your camera has. Ensure that everything is securely tightened not to move around or come loose during your ride.

Step 4: Check The Angle And Settings

Finally, check the camera’s angle and adjust as needed so that it points exactly where you want it to and captures what you want it to!

Depending on which model of 360-degree camera you own, there may be additional settings like shutter speed or ISO adjustments.

As well as video quality settings that can be adjusted before recording begins. Make sure these are set appropriately before starting your ride!

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How High Should A 360 Camera Be?

The height of a 360 camera can vary depending on what it’s capturing, but typically the best view is achieved when you keep it about 6-8 feet off the ground. This gives a wide enough angle to encompass your surroundings.

While avoiding the bird-eye view effect that can happen with a camera too high up, equipment such as poles and tripods can be used to adjust the height of your 360 camera. For everyday use, though, we recommend keeping at this general range for an optimal view.

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Bottom Line:

So where to mount 360 camera on motorcycle? No matter where you mount your 360 camera, having one can add an exciting new dimension to capturing videos from your motorcycle rides!

Just remember to consider factors like weight, size, and angle before making any final decisions about where to place it. With these tips in hand, finding just the right spot within minutes should be no problem!