What To Put In A Fanny Pack

What To Put In A Fanny Pack?

Fanny packs are making a comeback! And if you’re looking for the perfect accessory to complete your look, a fanny pack is the way to go. But what to put in a fanny pack? Here’s a list of great items that will make your life much easier when wearing one.

To put in a fanny pack, pack essentials like phone, wallet, keys, sunscreen, lip balm, small snacks, and a mini first aid kit for convenience on the go.

What to Pack in A Fanny Pack | Pro Tips

What To Put In A Fanny Pack

A Wallet and Keys

A fanny pack is a perfect place to store your wallet and keys since they’re conveniently located right around your waist. So you don’t have to worry about them getting lost or misplaced. Plus, it also makes it easy to access them quickly when you need them.


Sunscreen is super important if you plan on spending any time outdoors. So why not throw it in your fanny pack? That way, you always have it with you just in case the sun comes out unexpectedly! Plus, sunscreen is lightweight, so it won’t weigh down your bag too much.

Keys & ID Cards

Your house keys, car keys, and any ID cards can all be stored safely in your fanny pack. If you have multiple sets of keys or a lot of ID cards, consider getting a larger fanny pack with multiple compartments so that everything stays organized and easy to find.

Personal Hygiene Items

Most people don’t think about this one, but a great way to maximize the use of your fanny pack is by storing personal hygiene items such as hand sanitizer, lip balm, tissues, or even sunscreen. These items can come in handy during unexpected weather changes or if you need a quick freshen-up while out and about!

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Cash and Credit Cards

When packing your fanny pack, ensure easy access to cash and credit cards. It’s always smart to carry some emergency cash, just in case. You never know when you might come across something too tempting not to buy!

Additionally, having your cards easily accessible will make it easy for you to pay without digging through your bag. Finally, keep important documents like IDs or passports in another secure location.

Phone and Other Essentials

Your phone is probably one of the essential items you own, so it makes sense that it should be one of the first things you pack in your fanny pack!

However, if you don’t want it taking up valuable space in the inner pocket of your bag, then slide it into a side pocket of your fanny pack for easy access when needed.

Additionally, consider other essential items such as lip balm or hand sanitizer, which are great for keeping close at hand when out and about.

Entertainment Items

If you plan on being out all day, at some point, boredom will set in! To combat this issue, why throw some entertainment items into your bag?

This could include anything from books or magazines (depending on how much room they take up) to a small deck of cards or even travel games like Battleship or Connect 4 (which fit great into small pockets)!

If there is ever an unexpected delay during your day out, then at least you will be stuck twiddling your thumbs with nothing else to do!

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What is a Fanny Pack Good For?

A fanny pack is an essential accessory for travelers and adventurers. With extra pockets added to your belt line, it frees up your hands and gives you the convenience of a mini storage room right on your hip.

The weatherproof material helps protect whatever you store inside, whether maps, snacks, wallets, or phones; everything can now be easily accessible without having to rummage through a large backpack or purse.

Moreover, with its adjustable straps, a fanny pack can fit differently-sized waists comfortably, making it an excellent option for everyone in the family. As such, they are a convenient item that is perfect for anyone looking to keep their items safe while going on an exciting journey!

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Wrapping Up:

So, what to put in a fanny pack? Fanny packs are an excellent accessory for anyone who wants to stay organized while looking fashionable at the same time! And with this list of essential items that should be included in your fanny pack, all that’s left is for you to find the perfect one! So go ahead and hit the stores—you won’t regret it! Happy shopping!