what to carry in a small tactical sling backpack

What To Carry In A Small Tactical Sling Backpack?

If you’re looking for a versatile and easy backpack, think about investing in a small tactical sling backpack. This bag is designed to be worn on one shoulder, allowing you to keep your hands free while still carrying essential items. It’s perfect for outdoor activities, like hiking or camping, because it can fit all the essentials without being bulky or uncomfortable. But what to carry in a small tactical sling backpack? First, look at some of the best items for this bag.

Things to carry in a small tactical sling backpack: a compact firearm, first aid kit, flashlight, multitool, water, energy snacks, and communication gear for preparedness on the go.

What To Carry In A Small Tactical Sling Backpack | The Essentials

First Aid Kit

You never know when you might need a few basic first aid supplies, so it’s always smart to have them handy. A small first aid kit will easily fit inside your small tactical sling backpack and can be used if you encounter any minor cuts or scrapes while exploring. Make sure your kit includes bandages, antiseptic wipes, and gauze pads.


A multi-tool will come in handy for many different tasks during an outdoor adventure. Look for one lightweight but still offers plenty of features, like pliers and screwdrivers.

Also, ensure that the tool is made from durable materials so it lasts longer and doesn’t add too much weight to your bag.

Flashlight & Batteries

Another great item to pack in your small tactical sling backpack is a flashlight and some spare batteries. This way, if it gets dark while you’re out exploring, you won’t have to worry about not being able to see where you’re going.

Make sure the flashlight you choose has plenty of lumens and adjustable brightness levels so it won’t drain the batteries too quickly.

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Snacks & Water Bottle

It’s always wise to bring along some snacks and water whenever you go outdoors for an extended period. Even if there’s not enough room in your small tactical sling backpack for these items, consider using an attachable water bottle holder or other storage option on the outside of the bag so that they are easily accessible when necessary.

Communication Devices

Access to communication devices can be beneficial if something unexpected happens while on an adventure or during everyday life.

Make sure your backpack contains some form of communication, such as a cellphone or radio, as well as batteries or backup power sources. Consider adding other forms of communication, such as whistles, flares, or signaling mirrors, in case technology fails.

In addition to communication devices, it’s also essential to include navigation tools in your tactical sling backpack. This could mean anything from maps and compasses to GPS locators and tracking devices.

If you don’t want the added weight of paper maps, consider downloading digital versions onto your phone, so they are easily accessible when needed.

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How Do You Wear a Tactical Sling Pack?

what to carry in a small tactical sling backpack

Want to look like you just stepped out of a tactical training course? Then you need a tactical sling pack! Not only are these bags stylish, but they’re also instrumental and versatile. But how do you wear a tactical sling pack? We’ve got the answers. Read on how to get the most out of your tactical sling bag.

Step One: Put the Bag On

The first step is putting the bag on. To do this, slide one arm through the strap, so it sits across your body, with the bag resting on your back or your chest depending on preference. If you want extra security, tighten the strap as much as needed until it fits snugly against your body.

Step Two: Adjusting Your Strap

In addition to adjusting your strap for security, you may also want to adjust it for comfort. The best way to ensure that your tactical sling pack is comfortable is by ensuring that the bag itself does not weigh down too heavily on either side of the body.

To adjust this balance, ensure that there is an equal weight distribution when you put items in each pocket. That way, one side isn’t weighed down more than needed while wearing the bag.

Step Three: Make Sure It Fits Right

Finally, ensure that your tactical sling pack fits right—that means not too loose and tight! An excellent way to ensure that it fits correctly is by double-checking where exactly it sits when it’s on—it should rest comfortably at waist level without slipping off or sliding around too much when walking or running.

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Bottom Line:

So, what to carry in a small tactical sling backpack? Many things can fit inside a small tactical sling backpack—from tools and supplies necessary for outdoor activities to everyday necessities like snacks and beverages—but it’s essential to ensure they are appropriately organized, so they don’t become heavy or difficult to access when needed.

With careful planning and preparation before heading out on any excursion, you’ll have everything you need conveniently stored away!