What To Wear Hiking In Hot Weather

What To Wear Hiking In Hot Weather?

We are itching to get outside and explore nature with the summer months quickly approaching. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just getting started, it’s essential to dress appropriately for hot weather hikes. Here is a complete guide on What To Wear Hiking In Hot Weather?

To wear hiking in hot weather, choose moisture-wicking clothing, sun protection gear like a wide-brim hat and sunglasses, lightweight breathable footwear, and don’t forget sunscreen and plenty of water to stay comfortable and safe while hiking

What To Wear Hiking in Hot Weather | Pro Tips

Lightweight Clothing

When dressing for hot weather hikes, the most important thing is to choose lightweight clothing. The clothes you wear should be made from breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics. This will help keep your body temperature regulated during your hike, so you don’t overheat or become too cold.

Look for materials like cotton, linen, and synthetics such as polyester and nylon. Avoid wearing anything too heavy or bulky, as it can add unnecessary weight to your back and make hiking more difficult.

Invest in Good Sun Protection

As well as keeping your body relaxed, protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays is essential. Look for items with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) ratings of 50 or higher; this will ensure that you’re adequately protected when spending long periods outdoors with exposure to direct sunlight.

In addition, a wide-brimmed hat will provide shade for your face and eyes while allowing ventilation, so your head doesn’t overheat. A neck gaiter is also a great choice; it protects from the sun and can double up as a sweatband if needed!

Stay Hydrated      

Remember hydration! Taking plenty of water with you on any hike is essential—even more so when temperatures are high.

Invest in a good quality pack with insulated compartments which will help keep your water cool throughout the day; this will ensure that no matter how hot the weather gets, you’ll always have something refreshing to drink!

Loose-Fitting Clothes Keep You Cooler

It may seem counterintuitive, but wearing loose-fitting clothes is more relaxed than wearing tight-fitting clothes when hiking in hot weather. Loose clothing allows air to circulate through your body more efficiently and helps sweat evaporate faster. It’ll also give you more freedom of movement so you can easily tackle any obstacles that come your way!

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The Right Accessories Make All the Difference

Remember accessories when choosing what to wear on a hike! Bringing along things like brimmed hats and sunglasses will help protect your face from the sun’s harsh rays and keep you feeling cooler throughout the day.

A bandana is another excellent accessory; wetting it with cold water before tying it around your neck will keep you cool while protecting your neck from sunburns. And don’t forget sunscreen—you want to ensure you stay safe while having fun out in nature!


Proper footwear is essential when it comes to hiking in hot weather. A supportive pair of shoes or boots should provide enough traction while allowing air to flow around your feet so they don’t become too hot or sweaty.

Also, be sure to choose shoes that fit correctly and provide adequate arch support while still allowing movement of your toes – this will help reduce blisters and discomfort during long hikes in the heat of summer.

Also, consider wearing light-colored shoes that reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it – this will help keep your feet more relaxed during those warm days outdoors!

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Is It Better To Wear Shorts Or Leggings When Hiking?

What To Wear Hiking In Hot Weather

Deciding between wearing shorts or leggings while on a hike comes down to personal preference and the type of hike you’ll be going on. For shorter hikes or ones in warmer climates, shorts are often the go-to option as they let your skin breathe, allowing for more airflow and overall comfort.

Leggings, however, can provide an extra layer of protection from any briars and brush you may run into throughout your journey. They also offer great coverage if you dip in a stream or river!

So depending on where and how far your hike is taking you and what activities you plan to do, it’s worth considering both options before making your decision.

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Hiking in hot weather can be an enjoyable experience if done correctly! With these tips on What To Wear Hiking In Hot Weather, you’ll feel comfortable and prepared the next time you hit the trails this summer season! Remember that lightweight clothing made from breathable fabrics should be worn at all times.

Also, remember to apply sunscreen or sun protection before heading out on any outdoor adventure! And last but not least, ensure that you have a supportive pair of shoes or boots with plenty of arch support – this will ensure that your feet stay relaxed and comfortable even during long hikes in the heat! Good luck exploring the outdoors this summer!