How To Tie a Bow On Pants

How To Tie a Bow On Pants?

If you’re looking to switch up your style and add some flare to your outfits, it is easy to learn how to tie a bow on your pants. Though it might seem intimidating initially, tying a bow is quite simple once you get the hang of it. Whether rocking joggers or trousers, this guide will walk you through how to tie a bow on pants correctly every time.

What Are The Three Types Of Bow Ties?

If you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch to your outfit, a bow tie might be the thing. Whether you’re attending a formal event or want to look extra dapper, plenty of bow ties will take your look to the next level. But which type should you choose? First, let’s discuss the three major types of bow ties and their features.

The Self-Tie Bow Tie

The most classic bow tie style is the self-tie, or freestyle, bow tie. This bow tie has been around since the 17th century and is still popular. It consists of two loops that cross in front and fasten at the back by tucking one end into the other, essentially “tying” it into a knot.

It’s also available in a pre-tied version with an adjustable band around the neck if you prefer something more straightforward and faster to put on.

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The Pre-Tied Bow Tie

Pre-tied bow ties are exactly what they sound like — they come already tied and ready to wear right out of the package! This type is excellent for those who don’t feel comfortable tying their own, as all you need to do is slip it over your head and adjust it to fit your neck size.

The only downside is that it can look less natural than a self-tie because it doesn’t always sit relatively as flat against your chest as the one you’ve tied yourself would. However, pre-tied styles have gotten so good these days that even experienced wearers won’t be able to tell them apart from self-tie versions!

The Clip On Bow Tie

There’s always the clip-on option for those who don’t want any fuss when putting on their bow tie! This type has two clips on either end, which attach directly to your shirt collar for easy wearability and convenience.

They’re great for those occasions when you don’t have time (or patience!) to mess around with tying a knot, but they are only sometimes suitable for more formal events since they can sometimes look too casual or cheap compared to self-tie versions.  

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How To Tie a Bow On Pants | Procedure

How To Tie a Bow On Pants

1. Start by folding each side of the waistband of your pants inwards towards the center. Make sure that each fold is even on both sides and that you don’t make one side too wide or too narrow for the other. The more even each fold is, the better your finished look will be.

2. Take one of the folds and cross it over the front of the other so that they form an X shape in front of where you plan to tie your knot. Make sure that any extra fabric from either side is tucked away neatly and not visible from the front. This will help keep everything neat when you’re done tying your bow.

3. Now, take both folded pieces in both hands, creating loops with each one at either end of the X shape in front of you. Once again, ensure that all extra fabric is tucked away as best as possible, so nothing hangs loose or looks untidy when you finish tying your knot.  

4 Pull each loop towards each other carefully until they meet in between them and create a knot at their center point as tightly as possible without pulling too hard or making any of them uneven in size compared to each other (which should be avoided).  

5 Once everything looks neat, adjust any final details, such as tucking away extra fabric or adjusting any parts if needed until everything looks perfect from all angles – there we have it! You now know how to tie a bow correctly on your pants every time!

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Now you know, How To Tie a Bow On Pants? Tying a bow on your pants can add a fun flair to any outfit and give it an unexpected twist that instantly elevates its look and feel. Plus, despite seeming intimidating at first glance, tying a bow isn’t all that difficult once you get used to it – so go ahead and try!

With this guide in hand, we hope that making stylish bows on all sorts of bottoms won’t be such an overwhelming task anymore! Good luck!