are phones allowed in summer camp

Are Phones Allowed In Summer Camp?

It’s summertime, so it’s time to start thinking about summer camp! As a parent, you need to consider plenty of things when sending your child off to the great outdoors. One big question is: Are phones allowed in Summer camp? Let’s find out.

Are Phones Allowed In Summer Camp?

The answer to this question largely depends on the type of summer camp you attend. Many camps have strict no-phone policies. While others may allow phones as long as they are used responsibly and only during designated times. Some camps even provide access to cell phones for emergency use.

If you’re sending your child off to a traditional sleepaway camp, then chances are they will not be allowed to bring their phone. This is generally because these camps focus on helping kids disconnect from technology and become more connected with the world around them.

However, if your child is attending a specialty camp, such as a sports or art camp, there may be more leniency when it comes to phones. Since they will likely be engaging in activities that require some digital component (like using an app). Now you know whether are phones allowed in summer camp.

Phone Policies Vary by Camp

The answer to this question depends on the camp you choose. Some camps may allow phones, while others may not, so it’s important to do your research beforehand. To start, look at the camp website and read their rules and regulations regarding phone use during their program. Then, if you still have questions after reading through the website, don’t hesitate to call and ask about their cell phone policy.

Most camps that allow cell phones ask that they stay turned off during certain hours of the day or specific activities so that everyone has an enjoyable experience without distractions from technology. It’s also important to note that if a camper brings a phone. They will likely be asked not to share photos or videos from camp until after they return home. It helps ensure their safety and the safety of other campers in attendance.

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Counselors Can Help

If you are worried about your child being away from home without access to a phone, remember that counselors are there to help! Many camps have counselors who act as mentors and role models 24 hours a day who can help make sure your child feels safe while they’re away from home. Additionally, most camps provide emergency contact information so you can always contact someone if needed, regardless of their phone policy.  


Cell phones can be a great asset for kids attending summer camp. Your child can easily stay in contact with you and other family members by having a cell phone. This can provide peace of mind for both you as the parent and your child, who may feel homesick or isolated at times. Cell phones can also help keep kids safe in an emergency. If they get lost or injured, they’ll have access to help immediately.


On the other hand, allowing cell phones at camp could be disruptive. Cell phones are a significant source of distraction and can take away from the experience of being out in nature and unplugging from technology. Plus, if all of the kids have their phones on them all day. It could lead to fights over who has the best games or apps. That is not exactly what we want our children doing while they’re supposed to be learning new skills and making friends!

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Ultimately, whether or not you let your child bring their cell phone to camp is up to you. Think carefully about how much access they will have (are they allowed to use it during free time?) and set clear boundaries around when they can use their phone (only after dinner or when checking in with home?). Ultimately, your decision should focus on helping your child get the most out of their camp experience—safely and responsibly!