how to charge phone while camping

How To Charge Phone While Camping?

A smartphone is a great tool to have while camping. You can find your way back if you get lost, take pictures of all the fantastic sites, and even listen to music while roasting marshmallows. However, it’s no good if your phone dies in the middle of nowhere. So here are some tips on how to charge phone while camping.

Can You Charge Your Phone Camping?

Nowadays, we’re never without our phones. So what happens when you want to go camping, and there’s no outlet to be found? Can you charge your phone while camping? The answer is yes.

There are a few different ways to do it. One is to use a power bank. You can charge the power bank ahead of time and then use it to charge your phone when needed. Another option is to use a solar charger. This is great if you’re going to be camping for a long time, as you can keep charging it during the day.

Finally, you can also use a car charger. This obviously won’t work if you’re camping in the middle of nowhere, but driving to your campsite can be a handy way to keep your phone charged. So next time you go camping, don’t worry about being out of touch – there are plenty of ways to keep your phone charged!

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How To Charge Phone While Camping | Pro Ways

Solar Chargers

Solar power is one of the most popular ways to charge your phone while camping. By investing in a solar charger, like the ones sold by Goal Zero, you can harness the sun’s power to keep your device running. Solar chargers typically have an integrated battery that stores energy from sunlight for later use. That stored energy can then be used to keep your device powered up even during cloudy days or at night. In addition, most solar chargers come with multiple charging ports so that you can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Power Banks

Another option for charging your phone while camping is with a power bank. Power banks are small battery packs that store electricity at any time. They come in many different sizes and capacities, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly. Power banks are also relatively affordable and easy to use, making them ideal for campers who need a quick charge on the go. Now, you should know the answer: “how to charge phone while camping.” 

Battery Cases

Finally, if you don’t mind having more bulk on your phone while camping, battery cases are another excellent option for keeping them powered up. Battery cases typically attach directly to the back of your phone like a traditional case would and provide extra juice when needed—plus, they also offer protection against drops or bumps during outdoor activities!

The downside is that these cases are rather bulky and can add quite a bit of weight to your device, so if portability is vital for you, then this may not be the best option.                     

Car Chargers  

If you’re going car camping, one of the simplest ways to charge your phone is through a car charger adapter. Car charger adapters plug into any standard 12V socket (also known as cigarette lighter sockets) found in most vehicles, allowing you to turn the car’s battery into a mobile charging station for electronics like phones or tablets. You’ll need to bring USB cables or adapters for connecting your device (which may require purchasing additional accessories). Now you know about how to charge phone while camping.

Hand Crank Charger or Device

These devices allow you to charge your phone by cranking a handle. While it may take a bit longer than plugging into a power outlet, it’s a great way to ensure that you always have a fully charged phone while camping.

And, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can even use the hand crank to charge other devices like laptops or portable speakers. So next time you go camping, pack a hand crank charger and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being prepared.  

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Keeping your phone charged while camping can be easy! Whether you opt for solar chargers, power banks, or battery cases, there’s sure to be an option that perfectly fits your budget and lifestyle. So next time you’re heading out into nature, make sure you’re prepared by having an effective way about how to charge phone while camping so that it’s always ready when you need it most!