how to store camping chairs

How To Store Camping Chairs?

Properly storing your camping chairs can make a huge difference in your life and overall camping experience. You don’t want your camping chairs to be damaged or unusable after an adventure in the great outdoors. Our guide will show you how to store camping chairs effectively so they stay in great shape and ready for your next camping trip.  If you’re limited in space or want your chairs protected from the elements, we’ve got the solution for you.

How To Store Camping Chairs?

When your camping chairs are not in use, it is essential to store them correctly to prolong their lifespan and maintain their functionality. Here’s how to store camping chairs in great shape:

Clean and Dry 

You should clean your camping chairs thoroughly before storing them. Ensure the frame, fabric, and other parts are clean of dirt, dust, and food crumbs. If the chairs have fabric seats or backrests, make sure they’re not stained. You should store your chairs clean to prevent grime accumulation, which can be harder to clean later. If your chairs were wet or damp during your camping trip, make sure they’re completely dry to prevent mold and mildew growth. It’s easy for fabrics to deteriorate and metal parts to rust if they get wet.

Collapse and Fold Properly: 

When it comes to folding camping chairs, collapse them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You’ll save space and reduce stress on the folding mechanisms if you fold them right. A chair’s hinges or locking mechanisms can be damaged if you force it to fold. To prevent unnecessary wear and tear, follow the guidelines.

Stack or Hang Strategically: 

You can stack or hang camping chairs depending on their design. Chairs with flat frames are good for stacking, and those with hanging loops or holes work well for hanging. Avoid friction and damage by stacking chairs with a soft cloth or towel between them. By hanging chairs, they can maintain their shape and prevent unnecessary pressure on their frames.

Protect with Covers or Bags: 

You can protect your camping chairs from dust, dirt, and damage with chair storage bags or covers. Protecting your chairs with specialized covers will keep them in good shape over time. In the absence of chair covers, large plastic trash bags can also do the trick, keeping your chairs dust-free.

Choose the Right Storage Location: 

Make sure your camping chairs are stored properly. It’s best to keep it cool and dry to prevent mold and rust. Don’t expose your fabric to direct sunlight for too long because it can fade and damage it. The basement, garage, or dedicated storage shed are often excellent choices. To keep chairs off the ground and away from water leaks or pests, use a shelf or rack in your garage.

If you follow these guidelines, your camping chairs will stay in good shape for years to come. When you store them right, they’ll last longer, so you’ll be able to enjoy comfortable seating for years. Now you know all the steps about how to store camping chairs after your outdoor camping trip!

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Several Options For Storing The Camping Chairs

Hanging Storage: 

This is an excellent option if you have limited space. You can use S-hooks, zip ties, or rope to create a hanging system for your camping chairs. Loop the hooks or ties around the chair legs and hang them from a bar or beam.

Stackable Storage: 

Another space-saving option is to stack your camping chairs. If your chairs have flat seats, you can stack them seat-to-seat. Otherwise, you can stack them seat-to-back. To prevent slipping, place rubber mats or pads between the chairs.

Folding Storage: 

This is perhaps the most common way to store camping chairs. Fold the chairs and store them in a closet, under a bed, or in another out-of-the-way place. You can also purchase storage bags or covers to protect your chairs from dust and dirt.

Strategic Camping Chair Storage Locations

Now, you should know the answer to this query: “how to store camping chairs?” Camping chairs can be stored in various locations, such as closets, garages, sheds, or storage units. If you live in an apartment or condo, you may need to get creative with your storage options. Many people hang their camping chairs from the ceiling or store them under their beds. Others fold their chairs and place them in large storage bins. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide where to keep your camping chairs. Ensure the location is clean, dry, and out of the way.

How To Store Camping Chairs In The Garage?

First, sweep and clean the floor if you plan to store your camping chairs in the garage. Then, arrange the chairs in a neat and orderly fashion. Place them on a pallet or other raised surface to prevent moisture damage. Finally, keep the chairs away from sharp objects or anything that could puncture or tear the fabric.

How To Store Camping Chairs In A Storage Unit?

If you are storing your camping chairs in a storage unit, it is essential to protect them from dust and dirt. One way to do this is to place them in large storage bags or containers. Another option is to wrap them in plastic sheeting or tarps. Make sure to label the containers so you can easily find your chairs when needed.

How To Store Camping Chairs In An RV?

If you are storing your camping chairs in an RV, choosing a clean and dry location is essential. Many people keep their chairs in the basement or under the bed. Others hang them from the ceiling or place them in storage bins. Just make sure the location is out of the way so it does not interfere with your RV’s other systems.

How To Clean The Camping Chairs?

First, remove any dirt or debris with a brush or vacuum to clean the camping chairs. You can try spot-cleaning with a mild detergent if there are any stubborn stains. Mix a solution of warm water and mild soap for deeper cleaning, and scrub the chairs with a soft brush. Rinse the chairs thoroughly with clean water to remove any soap residue. Allow the chairs to air-dry completely before storing them.

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Are There Any Possible Ways to Hide These Camping Chairs?

There are several options if you want to store your camping chairs but don’t want them to be visible. First, you can purchase storage bags or covers designed for camping chairs. Another option is to use a tarp or sheet of plastic to cover the chairs. Finally, you can place the chairs in a storage bin or container and label them accordingly. Whichever method you choose, ensure the chairs are well-protected from dust and dirt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave my camping chairs outside when not in use?

Camping chairs shouldn’t be left outside for long periods of time, since the elements can damage them. The best way to keep them healthy is to keep them dry and covered.

Should I clean my camping chairs before storing them?

Yes, it is extremely important to clean your camping chairs before storing them in a storage unit. In order to prevent mold and mildew from growing during the storage process, dirt, food residue, and moisture must be removed.

Can I hang my camping chairs on hooks for storage?

There are plenty of camping chairs with built-in hangers or holes in the frame, so you can hang them. Install the hooks or hanging mechanisms appropriately and make sure they’re sturdy.

Is it necessary to use storage covers or bags for camping chairs?

If you want to ensure your chairs remain clean during storage, it may be a good idea to use dedicated chair covers or large plastic trash bags. Both of these options provide additional protection against dust and debris.

Can I stack multiple camping chairs for storage?

Yes, stacking camping chairs saves space. Consider placing a soft cloth or towel between each chair to prevent friction and scratching from occurring in the future. That way, potential damage can be prevented.


Knowing how to store camping chairs properly is essential to ensure their longevity and functionality. Remember to clean, fold, and protect them in a dry, cool place to avoid damage and maximize their usefulness.