how to use Steam Deck with monitor

How To Use Steam Deck With Monitor?

Do you want to play your favorite PC games on a big screen but want to maintain portability? You should check out the Steam Deck by Valve Corporation. We’re all about changing how we play games with this handheld device. Thanks to its powerful hardware, it runs almost any game. This blog post will show you how to use Steam Deck with monitor step-by-step.

To use Steam Deck with a monitor, connect it via USB-C or dock, extend displays in settings, and enjoy gaming on a larger screen for an immersive experience.

Can Steam Deck Connect To Monitor And Keyboard?

Want to take your gaming experience to the next level? Check out the Steam Deck. It’s portable, so you can play wherever you are, but what about at home?

It’s good to know that the Steam Deck can connect to a monitor and keyboard. With a full-sized keyboard and a big screen, you can sit back and relax while playing your games.

With the option to connect a monitor and keyboard, Steam Deck gets even better whether you’re playing solo or multiplayer. The Steam Deck might be what you’re looking for if you want a versatile gaming experience that can go from portable to stationary in seconds.

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How To Use Steam Deck With Monitor | Step By Step Procedure

Step 1: Connect the Steam Deck to the Monitor

The first step is to connect the Steam Deck to the monitor with a USB-C to DisplayPort cable. Ensure the monitor supports DisplayPort by checking the back for ‘DP’ markings. Connect one end of the USB-C cable to the Steam Deck and the other end to the display port.

Step 2: Turn On the Monitor

Turn the monitor on once the cables are connected by tapping the power button. Ensure that the DisplayPort connection is set up correctly on the monitor.

Step 3: Launch Big Picture Mode

Now that you’ve connected the Steam Deck to the monitor, you must launch Big Picture Mode. You can do it like this:

a. Press the power button to turn on the Steam Deck

b. Tap the Steam icon at the top left corner of the screen after the Steam logo appears

c. Go to the dropdown menu and choose Big Picture Mode

Step 4: Configure Display Settings

Steam Deck mirrors the display on both the device and the monitor by default. You must change the display settings if you want the monitor as your primary display. The Steam Deck display settings are as follows:

a. The gear icon is in the top right corner of Big Picture Mode

b. From the dropdown menu, choose ‘Display.’

c. Click ‘Monitor 1’ in the display options

d. Decide what resolution and frame rate you want

Step 5: Start Playing Games

Now that you’ve set up your Steam Deck with the monitor, you can play your favorite PC games. You can launch any game from Big Picture Mode and see it running on your monitor.

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How Do I Keep Steam Deck Screen On Desktop Mode?

how to use Steam Deck with monitor

Let’s talk about desktop mode before we get into the nitty-gritty. With desktop mode, you can interact with your device just like a desktop computer.

It lets you access your files, use a mouse and keyboard, and open multiple windows like on a PC. There are two ways to keep your Steam Deck screen in desktop mode:

Option 1: Set your Steam Deck as your primary display

You can set your Steam Deck as your primary display. You’ll need an HDMI cable to connect your Steam Deck to a monitor or TV.

Under Multiple Displays, choose “Make this my main display” in the Display settings on your PC. You can keep your Steam Deck screen in desktop mode even when gaming on a TV or monitor.

Option 2: Use Big Picture mode in desktop mode

The second option is to use Big Picture mode on your desktop. A controller-friendly interface lets you navigate and interact with your games in Steam’s Big Picture mode.

Click “BPM” under the interface tab in the Steam client’s settings to enable Big Picture mode in desktop mode. When you launch Big Picture mode, it’ll open in desktop mode instead of full screen. While you’re playing, you can access other apps and programs.

Option 3: Use a Third-Party App

Using Steam’s desktop mode is also possible without setting it as your primary display with a third-party app. You can do this with apps like DisplayFusion, Actual Multiple Monitors, and UltraMon. Make sure Steam is compatible with the program you want.

Option 4: Set Steam to “Borderless” Mode

Last but not least, you can set Steam to Borderless mode. If you do this, you can play games in desktop mode. Go into Steam’s settings after launching it. Open the “In-Game” tab. On the “In-Game” tab, click the drop-down menu for “Display mode,” and choose “Borderless.”

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Bottom Line:

Your gaming experience will be enhanced if you use Steam Deck with a monitor. Now that you know how to use Steam Deck with monitor, you can play games on a bigger screen.

The monitor can be set to your liking, and the resolution and frame rate can be changed. For a seamless gaming experience, have a USB-C to DisplayPort cable. Have fun playing!