how to put christmas lights on a large outdoor tree

How To Put Christmas Lights On A Large Outdoor Tree?

Christmas lights are one of the most iconic symbols of the holiday season. So whether you’re decorating your front yard or just looking to spruce up your outdoor space, adding Christmas lights to a large tree is an easy way to make your home feel festive and inviting. But before you start stringing up lights, there are some important considerations so that the job can be done quickly and efficiently. So, let’s look at how to put Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree!

How To Put Christmas Lights On A Large Outdoor Tree?

Gather Your Supplies

The first step in lighting up your large outdoor tree is gathering all the necessary supplies for the job. This includes string lights, extension cords, ladders, and staples. If you plan on using LED lights or outdoor smart lights, make sure you buy strings with compatible connectors so they stay supplied when plugged in. Also, get extra bulbs in case they burn out during installation.

Start at the Top of the Tree

Start decorating an outdoor tree with lights from the top and work your way down. This will help ensure an even distribution of lights throughout the tree and avoid tangles or clumps along the branches. You may want to use a ladder or tall stepping stool to safely reach the top of the tree, especially if it’s taller than eight feet. Now you know about how to put Christmas lights on a large outdoor tree.

Run Your Lights Through Each Branch

Once you have reached the top, begin running strands of Christmas lights through each branch until you have covered as much surface area as possible. Depending on how many strands of lights you use, this may take several trips up and down your ladder or stool! When selecting lights, consider using LED bulbs since they consume less energy than traditional bulbs and last longer. Plus, they come in various colors and sizes that match any aesthetic you’re looking for!  

Secure Your Lights With Zip Ties

To keep your lights securely attached to your tree, use zip ties every few feet along each branch where you’ve strung up your light strings. This will ensure that your strings stay in place and prevent them from getting tangled in windy conditions. Zip ties are inexpensive and easy to use—loop one end around one branch, then loop another around another before tightening it shut with pliers or scissors if necessary.

How Do You String Lights On A Tall Christmas Tree?

Christmas lights are one of the essential elements of holiday decorating, but they can also be one of the most frustrating. If you’ve ever tried to string lights on a tall Christmas tree, you know how difficult it can be to reach the top branches.

And if you have a particularly large or wide tree, it can be nearly impossible to distribute the lights evenly. So here are a few tips to make the job a little easier. First, use a step ladder or stool to help you reach the higher branches.

Second, start at the bottom of the tree and work your way up, wrapping the lights around each branch as you go. Third, take your time and be careful not to tangle the lights – a little planning will go a long way. With these tips, you’ll enjoy your beautiful Christmas tree without all the stress.

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How Do You Hang Christmas Lights On A Tall Tree Without A Ladder?

One of the most challenging parts of decking the halls for Christmas is hanging lights on tall trees without a ladder. But if you don’t have a tall ladder or someone to help hold it steady, don’t despair. There are still plenty of ways to get those lights up high.

One option is to use an extension pole with a hook. You can find these at most hardware stores. Another option is to use a string or fishing line to secure the lights to the tree. This requires much planning and patience, but it’s doable. Tie one end of the string around the tree trunk and thread the other through the loops on the lights. Then, tie the string off at the desired height. With creativity, you can hang your lights without help from a ladder.

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Decorating an outdoor tree with Christmas lights is a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. With careful planning and secure installation techniques, you can create a beautiful display that everyone will enjoy this season—and for many seasons. We hope now you know how to put christmas lights on a large outdoor tree. Happy decorating!