how to make a Hammock back seat cover for dogs

How To Make A Hammock Back Seat Cover For Dogs?

As a pet owner, you want to ensure your furry friend is safe and comfortable while traveling. One way to do this is to create a hammock back seat cover for your car. A hammock seat cover gives your pup the perfect place to relax while keeping them off the car seats and away from dangerous airbags. Let’s walk through how to make a hammock back seat cover for dogs.

Create a DIY hammock back seat cover for dogs by sewing a durable fabric sheet to protect your car’s seat and keep your pet comfortable during rides.

Are Hammocks Safe For Dogs?

Yes, hammocks can be a great and safe way for your pup to lounge! As long as the hammocks are made of a breathable material that is designed for pet use, they should provide your pup with plenty of comforts. Of course, there are always certain measures you must take to ensure your dog’s safety when using a hammock.

First, make sure that all edges or corners of the hammock are padded or rounded and have no sharp points where they could catch accidentally on something and cause injury. Additionally, check that any clips or ties on the hammock do not contain plastic which could potentially break off into small pieces and become choking hazards.

The hammock’s fabric should also be checked often to ensure it is in good condition with no rips or tears, which may, again, present a potential hazard.

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It’s important to remember that an adult should always supervise their dog when using a hammock as there is still a potential risk if a large breed gets too active in its use – for instance, jumping onto/from it at speed – which could also lead to injury.

Also, keep children from playing around your pet while he/she is lounging on the hammock, as children usually move more quickly than adults might realize, leading to further aggravation from unexpected movements by those underfoot.

Overall, when used responsibly, such as making sure all safety precautions discussed here are followed along with regular maintenance checks on the material itself, has led us to believe Hammocks can truly be an excellent option for providing our four legged companions with a comfortable environment in which they can relax!

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How To Make A Hammock Back Seat Cover For Dogs | Pro Guide

how to make a Hammock back seat cover for dogs

Materials Needed

The first thing you’ll need is a waterproof and comfortable fabric. You can find waterproof fabric at any craft store or fabric shop—just be sure it’s not too thin or stiff. Additionally, you will need some heavy-duty thread, scissors, a sewing machine (or needle and thread), velcro strips, and an old pillowcase or sheet for stuffing the cover with batting.

Sewing the Cover | Procedure

Once you have all of your materials gathered, it’s time to start sewing! Begin by cutting out two pieces of fabric that measure approximately 60″ x 48″ (or as large as necessary to fit across the back of your vehicle’s seats).

Place both pieces on top of each other so they are facing outward, and sew around three sides of the pieces together (leaving one side open). When finished, flip the covers inside out so that they are right-side out.

Next, use your sewing machine or needle and thread to sew lines in between the two pieces of fabric at 2″ intervals. This will create pockets that will hold the batting in place once you stuff it into the cover later. Sew velcro strips along one side of each cover piece so that they can be attached to each other when folded up against the seat backs.  

Now it’s time to fill your new hammock with batting! Cut a pillowcase or sheet into four equal parts so that each part measures about 30″ x 24″.

Then stuff these pieces into the pockets that you created earlier until all four sides are full and evenly distributed throughout the cover—you may have excess material in certain areas where there aren’t any pockets. However, this extra material should still provide some cushioning when folded up against the seat backs.

Once filled, attach velcro strips along both sides of each piece, so they stay connected when folded up against the seat backs. Finally, attach velcro strips along either end of each piece so they can be secured firmly against either side of your vehicle’s seats when needed.

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Bottom Line:

Now you know how to make a Hammock back seat cover for dogs. Creating a hammock backseat cover for your dog is an easy task requiring only a few basic materials and tools!

Not only will this give them a comfy place to relax while riding in cars but it also helps keep their fur off of your car seats and away from dangerous airbags as well! So get creative with colors and fabrics—your pup will thank you for it!