How To Get A Backpack Zipper Unstuck (1)

How To Get A Backpack Zipper Unstuck?

Stuck zippers are the worst. You’re about to head out on the town, and you try to zip up your backpack, only for the zipper to get stuck halfway up. It’s frustrating, especially when you don’t have time for it. But don’t worry—here are some quick tips on how to get a backpack zipper unstuck so you can get back to your day.

To unstick a backpack zipper, try applying gentle pressure while zipping backward. If that doesn’t work, use a pencil or soap to lubricate the teeth.

How to Get a Backpack Zipper Unstuck | Pro Tips

How to Get a Backpack Zipper Unstuck

Lubricate the Zipper

The easiest way to unstick a stuck zipper is by lubricating it with something that won’t damage the material around it, like petroleum jelly or beeswax. Petroleum jelly is an excellent option if you know where to find it—rub a small amount onto both sides of the zipper with a cotton swab and work it through until you can zip it up.

If not, beeswax usually does the trick, too; rub some onto both sides of the zipper and use your fingers or an old toothbrush to work it in until it moves freely. This method works best if the zipper is only slightly stuck; if it’s jammed, move on to one of our other methods.

Use Graphite Powder

If petroleum jelly doesn’t work, try using graphite powder instead (you can find this at most hardware stores).

Apply a small amount onto each side of the zipper, then use an old toothbrush or cotton swab to rub it into the metal teeth gently until they’re fully coated.

This should reduce friction and make it easier for the slider tab to move smoothly.

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Wax Paper Trick

If lubricants aren’t doing the job, try wax paper instead! Take a sheet of wax paper and cut two strips long enough to fit across both sides of your backpack zipper.

Next, put one strip between each side of the zipper from top to bottom and slowly work them down until they reach the bottom. This should help break apart any dirt or debris in between and make zipping easier for you! If this doesn’t do anything, move on to our last suggestion.

Zip Tie Method

This method requires more effort but should help unstick a stubborn zipper. First, take two zip ties (or shoelaces) and thread them through each side of your backpack zipper from top to bottom.

Then pull on each side as tight as possible while working them down until they reach the bottom of your bag; this should give enough tension for both sides of your bag’s material, along with pulling apart any debris that might be blocking its path!

Once you’ve reached the bottom, give one final tug before releasing and trying again—hopefully, this will do the trick!

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The Good Ol’ Pen Trick

Using a pen is the most common way to unstick a jammed zipper. First, make sure to remove any visible dirt or debris that might be getting caught in the teeth of the zipper.

Then, grab a pen with a slim barrel (a ballpoint pen works best!) and slide it through the length of the zipper from top to bottom several times.

This should help lubricate the teeth and free up any hard-to-reach particles. After doing this a few times, try zipping and unzipping the bag; if it isn’t working correctly, try repeating the process.

Hairdryer Heat Treatment

If all else fails, you can use heat to unstick a stubborn zipper. To do this safely without damaging anything else on your bag:

  1. Use a hairdryer set on low heat and hold it approximately 6 inches away from the area where your backpack’s zipper is stuck.
  2. Move around constantly so as not to overheat any one spot for too long; after about 10 seconds or so, you should start seeing results as the heat loosens up, whatever was causing friction between the two sides of the zipper.
  3. Once everything looks good again, give it one final test run before calling it quits!

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Bottom Line:

So here’s how to get a backpack zipper unstuck. Getting a backpack zipper unstuck doesn’t have to be complicated – plenty of simple tricks can help get things moving again in no time! A few good options include:

  • Lubricating with petroleum jelly or beeswax.
  • Using wax paper strips as makeshift de-greasers.
  • Using zip ties/shoelaces for extra tension when all else fails.

With these methods in mind, getting your backpack zipped up will be hassle-free from here on out! Good luck!