how to clear hips in golf swing

How To Clear Hips In Golf Swing?

Have you ever wondered why your golf swing isn’t quite right? Or why is your drive so short? The answer may lie in how you are clearing your hips during the swing. Removing your hips correctly can help you generate more power and accuracy when you hit the ball, so it’s an integral part of a successful golf swing. Let’s look at how to clear hips in golf swing.

Clearing hips in the golf swing is vital for power and accuracy. Rotate your hips toward the target during the downswing while keeping upper body steady. Practice hip rotation for a more effective swing.

What is Hip Clearing?

Hip clearing describes turning or rotating the hips during a golf swing. When done correctly, hip clearing helps create energy and momentum for the rest of the body to follow through with.

It also increases the speed at which you can move from backswing to downswing, helping to transfer power from your core and legs into your arms and club.

How to Clear Hips In Golf Swing?

The key to successful hip clearing is timing and coordination. Start by turning the shoulders slightly before turning or rotating the hips, as this will help increase momentum throughout the swing.

As you rotate your hips forward, ensure they remain to level with each other; turning them too far will cause instability in your body position, leading to decreased power on impact with the ball.

Additionally, rotate them slowly; keep them moving steadily until they reach their maximum rotation point before transitioning into a downswing motion.  

Lastly, try to keep tension out of your legs during hip clearance—this will keep them relaxed and help ensure that all of your power comes from core and arm muscles only.

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Practice Makes Perfect

It takes time and practice to perfect hip clearing—but don’t worry! Make sure you are taking enough practice swings with the correct hip clearance technique before hitting a ball; this will help ingrain proper mechanics into muscle memory so that all you have to do is focus on hitting a good shot when it counts!

With enough practice, you’ll soon be able to naturally feel where and when your hips should be cleared for optimal performance during each swing.

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How Do You Get Good Hips In Golf?

how to clear hips in golf swing

Hips play a massive role in the golf swing, and being able to rotate them effectively is essential for achieving power, accuracy and consistency. The key to getting good hips in golf is to work on your flexibility, agility and hip stability, mainly through drills and stretches that target these areas.

Practising activities like walking lunges, single-leg squats, and lateral band walks will promote hip flexibility and build strength to generate more incredible club head speed during the swing.

As with all new physical activities, ensuring proper form by engaging with a professional coach or trainer is highly recommended to avoid unnecessary injuries.

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Do Tight Hips Affect Golf Swing?

Flexibility plays a vital role in the whole, effortless execution of any golf swing. Here we explore the effects of tight hips on a golf swing and how to address them. Tight hips can exacerbate swing faults such as slicing, poor weight transfer, and shortened follow-through.

Those with tight hips may struggle to make a complete hip turn, further diminishing their ability to generate power on their drive shots and accuracy on all other shots relying on more finesse.

The answer to creating more flexibility lies in stretching and properly incorporating rotation into your pre-round warm-up routine and your post-round cool-down sessions.

Specific exercises that target the legs and hips are especially beneficial for gaining the range of motion necessary for optimal performance. Making sure to take the time for these routines can help to increase power and accuracy, improving your score over time!

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Bottom Line:

Now you know how to clear hips in golf swing. Clearing your hips correctly can significantly improve both distance and accuracy in a golf swing.

By understanding what hip clearing is, how it works, and how much practice it takes to perfect this technique, every golfer can improve their game significantly over time – no matter their skill level! So don’t wait any longer – start practicing today!