How Do Heated Towel Rails Work

How Do Heated Towel Rails Work?

A heated towel rail may be just what you need if you want your bathroom to stay warm and cozy. Check out how do heated towel rails work, how long it takes to heat up, and if you can control the heat.

Heated towel rails work by using an electric heating element or circulating hot water to warm the rails, providing a cozy, dry towel after use.

What Is A Heated Towel Rail?

A heated towel rail is a device that’s installed in the bathroom. You can use it to dry towels and other fabrics and warm up your towels.

The towel rail is just a horizontal extension of your radiator system, but instead of running from floor to ceiling, it runs across one side of your bathroom wall.

There are two types: electric and gas (also called radiant). Natural gas- propane or natural liquid petroleum gas (LPG)– is used to heat the former.

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How Do Heated Towel Rails Work?

How Do Heated Towel Rails Work

A heated towel rail heats up to dry your towels, making them fluffy and warm. There are some differences between it and a radiator:

  • Electricity heats the metal bars inside the heated towel rails. Gas or oil works better (although some modern radiators are using electricity now).
  • The radiator controls let you adjust how much heat they give off; heated towel rails don’t usually have any! It turns itself off automatically when it reaches its ideal temperature – usually around 50 degrees Celsius/122 Fahrenheit – so there’s no need for extra switches or buttons on top of the ones already on your wall unit.

How Long Will It Take To Heat Up?

It takes a while for heated towel rails to heat up, so they’re usually installed in bathrooms with lots of hot water. Once the rail reaches temperature, it’ll stay there for a while. You can use it whenever you want, just don’t expect it to be ready immediately.

It takes one to two hours for a towel rail to reach temperature. It may take longer if your bathroom doesn’t have enough hot water or if your house is particularly drafty.

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Will I Be Able To Control The Heat Output At All?

Yes, you can control the heat output of your heated towel rail. A remote control and LCD display will let you control the temperature.

It can also be set to turn off after a specific time, which is helpful if you’re worried about your kids burning themselves on hot water. The towel rail measures 600 mm long and 360 mm wide. Two people might have to lift it into place once it arrives at your house since it weighs just under 12 kg.

Can I Use The Towel Warmer With My Existing Central Heating System?

Before buying a heated towel rail, check the wattage of your existing central heating system if you already have one. You can use this to determine if a high-wattage towel warmer will work for your home and, if not, what other options you have.

Generally, a high-wattage heated towel rail will work well with a high-wattage central heating system (over 4kW) since they use around 2kW per unit.

In contrast, if yours has lower power requirements (around 1kW), you may have compatibility issues since these don’t go below 1kW. Therefore, we recommend Pyronix low-power alternatives, which offer great value without sacrificing quality or style!

Do Heated Towel Rails Stay On All The Time?

The answer to your question is: it depends.

Electric towel rails don’t always stay on if you’re asking about them. If your towels are starting to dry out, then it’s time to turn the heating element back on. They’ll only stay on as long as electricity is running to them. They stay on for a while, depending on how hot you set them and how often you use them.

Regarding gas towel rails, yes, they stay on all the time! Gas heaters don’t require electricity, so they can keep pumping out heat indefinitely without any extra work from you or anyone else.

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Now you know, How Do Heated Towel Rails Work? If you’re looking for the perfect way to warm your towels and keep them dry, then a heated towel rail is just what you need. They’re easy to install and use and provide enough heat for your bathroom without being too hot.

Plus, they can save money on energy bills! So if this sounds like something that would benefit your home or office, check out our selection today before they run out!