does fanny pack count as bag

Does Fanny Pack Count As Bag?

There’s been a lot of debate on whether or not fanny packs count as bags. Some people say they’re too small to be considered bags, while others argue that they’re just as functional as any other type of bag. So, what’s the verdict? It depends on who you ask. There are valid arguments for both sides of the debate. In this blog post, we’ll explore does fanny pack count as bag and also the pros and cons of fanny packs to help you decide if they should be considered bags.

Fanny Pack: History

The fanny pack has been around for centuries, dating back to the medieval era. In the 14th century, fanny packs were used to carry weapons and other valuables. They were often made of leather or cloth and could be worn around the waist or over the shoulder.

During the 19th century, fanny packs became more popular to carry personal items while traveling. They were often made of canvas or other durable materials and could be worn over the shoulder or around the waist. In recent years, the fanny pack has made a comeback as a stylish and practical accessory. Today, they are often made of nylon or other synthetic materials and come in various colors and styles. Fanny packs are now considered a must-have item for travelers and fashionistas alike.

Does Fanny Pack Count As Bag?

A fanny pack is a small, waist-mounted bag typically worn around the hips or waist. While some people may view fanny packs as casual or less stylish than other bags, they can be pretty handy and convenient.

So, does a fanny pack count as a bag? The answer is yes! A fanny pack can be considered a type of bag, and some stylish options are available on the market. If you’re looking for a convenient way to carry your essentials while keeping your hands free, a fanny pack may be just what you need.

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Today’s Fanny Pack Trend

The fanny pack today is a far cry from the one your mom wore in the 80s. These days, fanny packs are stylish and come in various colors, fabrics, and designs. You can find them with embellishments like fringe, sequins, and faux fur.

And they’re not just for carrying your essentials anymore – some fanny packs come with built-in speakers or chargers for your phone. So whether you’re looking for a practical way to carry your things or a fun fashion statement, there’s a fanny pack.

Pros & Cons About Fanny Pack

The fanny pack has been a controversial fashion accessory for years. Some people love them for their convenience and style, while others find them tacky and unfashionable. Here are some of the pros and cons of the fanny pack:


  • They are convenient. You can wear a fanny pack around your waist without carrying a purse or bag. This leaves your hands free from other things.
  • They are stylish. Fanny packs come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. So you can find one to match any outfit.
  • They are functional. Fanny packs have a lot of room for your belongings. You can fit your phone, wallet, keys, and other essentials in one place.


  • They can be uncomfortable. If you wear a fanny pack too tight, it can rub against your skin and cause chafing.
  • They can look tacky. Some think fanny packs are not stylish and make people look like tourists.
  • They can be inconvenient. If you need to access something in your fanny pack, you may have to take it off entirely to get to it.

Are Fanny Packs Safe For Travel?

Fanny packs are an excellent option for travel as they keep your belongings close to your body and can be worn in front for easy access. This also helps to deter pickpockets. While fanny packs are generally safe, there are a few things to remember.

Firstly, fanny packs can make you a target for thieves as they are easy to spot. If you carry valuables in your fanny pack, it is best to keep them hidden away. Secondly, fanny packs can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods. If you are doing a lot of walking on your trip, consider another option, such as a backpack or crossbody bag.

Overall, fanny packs are a safe and convenient option for travel. Just be sure to take precautions with your belongings and take breaks from wearing them if needed.

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We hope now you know does fanny pack count as bag. In the end, a Fanny pack count as a bag if it has enough compartments to store all of your stuff. Of course, a fanny pack might not be the best option if you’re only carrying a few things. But if you need a place to put your phone, wallet, and keys, a fanny pack is a bag!