Can You Have A Camera On Your Motorcycle Helmet

Can You Have A Camera On Your Motorcycle Helmet?

Have you ever wanted to capture your ride but didn’t know if cameras were allowed on motorcycle helmets? There are guidelines from the Department of Transportation that you should remember when considering having a camera on your helmet. Let’s take a look at what the regulations say and can you have a camera on your motorcycle helmet.

Can You Have A Camera On Your Motorcycle Helmet | Let’s Find Out

The DOT Regulations

The DOT regulates the manufacture of helmets as part of their work in promoting safety on roads across America. The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 applies to motorcycle helmets, including those with cameras installed. This standard sets out the requirements for helmets and provides tests that must be passed before they can be sold in the US.

Regarding helmets with cameras installed, the DOT considers these devices as “add-on items” because they aren’t permanently attached to the helmet itself.

As such, they are not subject to regulatory testing by the DOT. However, rules and guidelines must be followed when installing and using a camera on a helmet.

First and foremost, riders should take care when installing any add-on items onto their helmet, mainly if they involve attaching items directly to the helmet shell or modifying its shape or design. Doing so could significantly reduce your protection from impact and may even void your manufacturer warranty.

Additionally, it’s important to note that some states have laws regarding motorcycle helmets—including ones that may apply specifically to camera-equipped helmets—so be sure to check local laws before riding with one of these attached devices.

Safety Issues

There are also some safety issues when installing a camera on your motorcycle helmet. First and foremost, riders should ensure they can still safely see where they are going while riding with a camera mounted onto their helmet.

Cameras can sometimes cause glare which can reduce visibility for riders, so it’s essential to be aware of this when out riding with one installed.

Additionally, riders should ensure that all cables and wires associated with the camera are securely fastened and cannot get caught in any moving parts of their bikes or helmets while riding.

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Why Is Camera On Helmet Illegal?

Can You Have A Camera On Your Motorcycle Helmet

In most places, it’s illegal for motorcyclists, bicyclists, and other riders to attach cameras or any device to their helmets because it can cause serious safety risks. Helmets are designed to protect riders from head injuries in an accident.

Attaching items such as cameras or speakers can reduce the helmet’s strength and integrity—which means it won’t be able to protect you if you crash adequately.

It’s also important to point out that many states have laws explicitly prohibiting riders from attaching anything other than DOT-approved stickers or decals on their helmets. So, even if you don’t think adding a camera will affect your safety, it’s still likely against the law in your state.

Some states also have laws regarding recording video while riding on public roads—so check local regulations before taking off with your camera attached.

For those looking for ways around these laws, several options are available. For example, there are specially designed mounts that allow riders to securely attach cameras without compromising the integrity of their helmets.

These mounts usually have straps that go around the outside of the helmet, so they don’t interfere with its structural design. Additionally, some companies offer specially designed helmets with built-in cameras—though these can be pricey and may not be legal in all areas.

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Can You Not Have A Gopro On Your Helmet?

A GoPro is a great way to capture your adventures and experiences, but the answer is no when it comes to wearing one on your helmet.

You may feel inclined to attach one for immersive footage, but fastening a camera directly to the helmet can cause potential problems if you are in an accident.

The extra weight of the camera could shift the balance of the helmet and restrict its performance during an impact—which could be dangerous. While having a GoPro on your person while riding is permissible, keeping it off your helmet for safety reasons is best.

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Bottom Line:

So can you have a camera on your motorcycle helmet? Having a camera on your motorcycle helmet allows riders to creatively document their journeys and share them online with friends and family – but there are several things you need to keep in mind first!

Be aware of DOT regulations regarding cameras on helmets, and check with your local laws for any additional requirements that may apply in your area before installing one onto your helmet!

In addition, always make sure that all components associated with the installation process are securely fastened so as not to pose any safety hazards while you’re out enjoying your ride!