Can you do split screen on Nanit baby monitor

Can You Do Split Screen On Nanit Baby Monitor?

Are you considering getting the Nanit Smart Baby Monitor for your nursery? You may already have one but wonder if Nanit baby monitor has split-screen capabilities. You’ve come to the right place! Let’s explore can you do split screen on Nanit baby monitor and how it can help make parenting a little easier.

What is a Nanit Baby Monitor?

The Nanit Smart Baby Monitor is a comprehensive baby monitoring system designed to give parents peace of mind while their child sleeps. It offers HD video with night vision, real-time sound and motion alerts, temperature sensors, multiple camera support, two-way audio, and more.

The monitor also comes with an app that allows parents to keep track of their baby’s sleep schedule from anywhere in the world. With all these features, it’s no wonder why so many parents are turning to the Nanit Smart Baby Monitor for their infants’ safety.

Can You Do Split Screen on Nanit Baby Monitor?

Yes! The Nanit Smart Baby Monitor supports up to four cameras at once, meaning that you can see multiple rooms in your home or different angles of your infant’s room simultaneously in one split-screen view on your device.

This feature allows parents to easily switch between views when checking in on their baby throughout the day or night without opening up each camera feed separately.

And suppose you decide to add a camera or two later, no problem. You can always purchase additional cameras from Nanit and pair them with your existing monitor for even more coverage options.

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Does The Split Screen Feature Have Any Other Benefits?

Can you do split screen on Nanit baby monitor

Absolutely! Not only does split screen allow you to keep tabs on multiple rooms at once (which can be especially helpful when dealing with toddlers who like to explore), but it also helps save battery life since you won’t have to open up individual feeds as often.

Plus, if you’re using multiple cameras in one room (e.g., one pointed at your infant’s crib and another pointed at her changing table), seeing both angles simultaneously gives you greater control over your infant’s safety. At the same time, she plays or naps during the day or night.

How Do You Split 2 Nanit Cameras Monitor Screen?

Splitting a Nanit camera’s monitor screen is possible and relatively easy. Once you have your cameras set up, you will need to connect your smartphone or tablet to the app on each camera so that every device is connected.

Then, open the Nanit app and select the camera you’d like to split onto your home display. From there, you can choose whether you’d like a side-by-side or top-and-bottom split, adjust the size of each camera window, name each window, and even add background music!

Splitting the cameras on your monitor screen allows you to keep an eye on multiple rooms at once – a handy feature if you have children in different age groups.

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Can You View 2 Nanit Cameras At Once?

Nanit is the leading provider of baby monitoring tech, known for its camera designed to show you every angle of your little one. With Nanit Plus’ innovative technology, parents can now view two cameras at once from their smartphone or tablet convenience.

They call this Split Screen View, as it allows them to constantly watch two different areas or children in other rooms on a single device. No more having to switch back and forth between devices – finally, get a complete picture of what’s going on with your kids!

Plus, Split Screen View warns alerts when motion is detected in either area, keeping parents informed so they can ensure their children are safe and secure at all times.

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Bottom Line:

So can you do split screen on Nanit baby monitor? The split-screen feature of the Nanit Smart Baby Monitor makes keeping tabs on your little one even easier than before!

Whether you want to check multiple rooms at once or get a different angle on one room, this feature will ensure that you always have eyes (and ears!) on your child wherever they go in your home—day or night!

So if you’re looking for a comprehensive baby monitoring solution that offers split-screen capabilities, look no further than the Nanit Smart Baby Monitor today!