What To Bring For Anything But a Backpack Day?

Have you ever heard of “anything but a backpack day”? It’s a fun twist on the traditional school or college backpack day, where students are encouraged to bring something more significant than a backpack to school.

This can be anything from a laundry basket to a toy car – and it can be great fun! Read on for our top tips on what to bring for anything but a backpack day.

Laundry Basket.

Laundry baskets are one of the most popular items that can be brought instead of a backpack. They are large enough to fit all your textbooks and come in bright colors and fun patterns, making them great conversation starters. Plus, you won’t need to worry about carrying heavy textbooks all day!

Dog Crate.

If you have access to one, bringing in a dog crate will turn heads – not just among humans! Make sure your four-legged friend is comfortable with being in the crate all day.


Pillowcases are another excellent option for anything but a backpack day – they’re soft and lightweight, so your textbooks won’t get too heavy throughout the day. Plus, there are so many designs on offer that you can easily find one that suits your style.


Buckets may not seem like the most glamorous option for anything but a backpack day, but they stand out from the crowd! For extra comfort, line it with some fabric or old t-shirts before packing it with books and other essentials.

Toy Car.

If you want to stand out from everyone else at school, why not bring along your favorite toy car? This is particularly practical if you have larger books or items that don’t quite fit in any standard bag or container – make sure you don’t forget where you left it at the end of the day!  

Shopping Cart.

Shopping carts may sound like an odd choice for anything but a backpack day, but they can hold many items without becoming too heavy or cumbersome. Plus, it will turn heads when you roll up with this unusual piece of equipment!


Why not take advantage of anything but a backpack day by bringing something unique? How about bringing along your microwave? Make sure that no one tries to heat their lunch inside (or worse still – runs away with it!)


Strollers may not be as big as some of the other options mentioned here – after all, there isn’t much room inside them – however, they do look adorable and are guaranteed to earn plenty of compliments throughout the day!  


An “anything but a backpack day” will always be full of surprises – so why not get creative and think outside the box when deciding what to bring along? From laundry baskets and dog crates to shopping carts and microwaves – there is no limit as long as it isn’t technically considered a “backpack.” So go ahead; let your imagination run wild, and enjoy standing out from everyone else at school!