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5 Best Baby Monitor With Split Screen | 2023 Reviews

Worried about keeping an eye on your little one from the other room? You must need the best baby monitor with split screen.

Why settle for a common single-screen monitor when you have the best multi-camera baby monitors with split-screen capabilities? With top quality 5 Best Split Screen Baby Monitors, you’ll never worry again! Our advanced technology will let you check up on your child day or night – without having to keep running back into the nursery.

Experience maximum peace of mind knowing that not only are they safe but also happy. Having a top-quality baby monitor is essential for every parent — especially one that gives us total visibility and understanding of what’s happening in their nursery at all times! Whether singing, napping or playing, parents can instantly check in and make sure everything’s okay with just one glance at our 5 Best Baby Monitor with split screen.

Our Choose Comes From Here

You want to ensure that your baby is always safe and doesn’t want to miss a thing, but you also need to sleep. Knowing which baby monitor is best for you and your family is hard. So many different features and options are available that it can take time to decide which one is right for you.

We have found the best baby monitor with a split screen. This camera has all of the features you need, like night vision, digital zoom, two-way talk, and split-screen viewing, so you can keep an eye on both of your little ones simultaneously.

Our Top Picks Of Best Baby Monitor With Split Screen

1. Babysense 5″ HD Split-Screen Baby Monitor | Best Overall

What Got Us Hooked?

Introducing the Babysense 5″ HD Split-Screen Baby Monitor. This 720 HD image on the large 5″ LCD provides crystal clear, secure viewing so that you can keep a close eye on your little one at all times.

With a remote pan, tilt, and up to x4 zoom, you can get a great view of your baby from anywhere in the room. And with the split-screen feature, you can see both cameras or babies side by side on the same screen. You’ll always be in the know about what’s going on in your baby’s room.

The Babysense 5″ HD Split-Screen Baby Monitor also connects up to 4 cameras in different rooms so you can keep an eye on all your little ones at once.

Things to know

If you’re looking for a dependable and secure baby monitor that won’t let you miss a single moment of your kid’s childhood, the Babysense 5″ HD Split-Screen Baby Monitor is perfect!

This high-end device provides top-notch 24/7 surveillance with IR night vision and two cameras that don’t require wifi. The built-in novelty 4000 mAh battery and power-saving mode keep it automatically activated based on your baby’s sound, so you’ll never miss a beat.

The device boasts adaptable intensity night lights to create optimal sleeping environments in nurseries. Moreover, you can use the two-way audio feature, or programmed lullaby sounds to send soothing messages to your baby. With the Babysense 5″ HD Split-Screen Baby Monitor, there’s no missing out on precious memories – invest in your peace of mind today!

2. HiPP Baby Monitor | Best No WiFi Baby Monitor

What Got Us Hooked?

Looking for a baby monitor that can do it all? Look no further than the HiPP Baby Monitor Split View! This top-of-the-line model comes with an impressive array of features, including the ability to remotely control the camera to zoom in 2X/4X and auto-pilot panoramic scan, ensuring that you never miss a moment of your little one’s day – even if they’re sleeping!

Plus, the 4500mAh rechargeable battery means you can watch them round-the-clock for up to 18 hours in audio-only mode or 12 hours with the screen on. So, whether at home or out and about, you can always stay connected to your little one.

Things to know

The HiPP Baby Monitor Split View is the perfect way to keep both eyes on two babies simultaneously. Its amazing 5″ 720P IPS screen displays crystal clear images of each room, letting you see everything in detail.

The split view makes it easier to monitor 2 rooms or 2 babies simultaneously and even toggle between up to four cameras every 15 seconds. Automatically switch audio back and forth to keep you up-to-date with both spaces.

You are also alerted instantly if the baby is crying, so you can soothe them with your voice right away. This is especially useful during nighttime when automatic night vision mode adjusts the grayscale imaging to show little movements easily.

Sleep better knowing that you don’t have to check on your babies yourself throughout the night. The HiPP Baby Monitor Split View provides ultimate reassurance for parents wanting to ensure their children’s safety.

3. bonoch Baby Monitor | Best Baby Monitor With 2 Cameras

What Got Us Hooked?

The bonoch Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras is a high-resolution, 7” LCD monitor with two cameras. The large HD screen and 10x digital zoom provide a clear view of your child, while the split-screen function lets you view two rooms simultaneously.

The 2.4GHz FHSS wireless connection ensures a secure, private live stream. No WiFi or app downloading is required; the monitor is easy to set up and use.

Things to know

If you’re looking for a baby monitor that provides excellent coverage, the bonoch Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras might be what you need. With a 355° pan and 120° tilt lens, this monitor promises to capture the entire room from floor to ceiling.

Plus, it has an auto night vision that provides clear black and white images even in complete darkness, so you can always see your little one. Furthermore, its 4000 mAh rechargeable battery offers up to 22h of monitoring time when VOX mode is turned on.

On top of that, this baby monitor has sound and temperature sensors that alert you whenever something out of the ordinary happens in your baby’s room. With this function, you can rest assured knowing that you have real-time information about your baby’s environment no matter where you are.

4. Moonybaby Split 55 Baby Monitor | Amazon’s Choice

What Got Us Hooked?

Introducing the Moonybaby Split 55 Baby Monitor! This top-of-the-line monitor features two cameras that can be paired to monitor different areas of your home and a host of other features to keep you and your baby safe and comfortable.

With the Talk Back button, you can easily communicate with your partner or baby from any room in the house, and the clear night vision will let you keep an eye on them even in the darkest of rooms.

The long battery life means you can stay connected even when on the go, and the lullabies built into the monitor will help soothe your little one to sleep. Additionally, the zoom function and voice activation mode make it easy to keep an eye on your baby without constantly disturbing them.

Whether you’re looking for a basic baby monitor or something with more bells and whistles, the Moonybaby Split 55 Baby Monitor will meet your needs.

Things to know

The Moonybaby Split 55 Baby Monitor makes sure you won’t miss a precious moment of your little one with its split-screen capabilities that enable you to view two rooms or both children side by side.

Moreover, the varying audio options allow you to select one or two cameras that provide sound. You can also control the camera remotely with the parent unit to pan, tilt and zoom, so you can always keep an eye on your baby in whichever part of their room.

All this is further enhanced by 100% digital wireless secured technology that ensures the secure and uninterrupted connection between the camera and monitors up to 300m range even through walls and floors. With no need for wifi/internet setup, this is one of the most reliable baby monitors available today!

5. JLB7tech Baby Monitor | Best Budget-Friendly Baby Monitor

What Got Us Hooked?

When you’re a new parent, there’s no greater relief than when you finally get your little one to sleep. With the JLB7tech Baby Monitor, you can relax knowing you can see and hear your child whenever they need you.

This handy video baby monitor features a 5″ diagonal colour screen that clearly shows whether your baby is awake or peacefully sleeping. Plus, with two-way audio, you can talk back to your child quickly and easily to soothe them when crying.

The built-in lullabies offer extra comfort for your little one, and the monitor can support two cameras simultaneously so that you can keep an eye on two children simultaneously. Don’t miss a single moment of your child’s life – get the JLB7tech Baby Monitor today!

Things to know

The JLB7tech baby monitor is a great choice for parents, offering the convenience of easy setup, powerful features, and reliable after-sale service. The VOX Mode allows you to set the sensitivity to low, medium, or high, so it will wake up the device and alert you when it detects your baby’s cry.

With this feature, you can extend the working time and ensure your little one is being monitored. Set a time alarm to remind you when to feed your baby. This baby monitor has other useful features, including room temperature monitoring and warning, two-way communication, automatic night vision, and more. Finally, you’ll have complete peace of mind with our professional after-sale service if you have any questions or issues.

Buying Guides Before Purchasing the Best Baby Monitor With Split Screen

When looking for the best baby monitor with split screen, there are several factors you should consider first.

First and foremost, deciding what features are most important to you in a dual camera baby monitor is important. Monitors come with various features such as two-way audio so parents can talk back to the child, night vision and temperature monitoring capabilities, and sound alert settings. Depending on your needs, some monitors will be better than others for particular functions.

The next factor for dual screen baby monitors is coverage range – does the baby monitor have enough coverage range for you to reach where your child is? A more powerful transmitter will give you greater flexibility if your home has multiple floors or your child’s room is significantly far from yours.

The larger and further away the space they need to cover, the higher quality and more feature-filled monitor should be considered since it will need stronger signal transmission abilities.

It’s also key to consider any potential wireless interference in terms of other wifi signals in close vicinity or ISM band usage like microwave ovens or Bluetooth headsets that could interfere with the signal strength of the camera/receiver units. Also it can connect to multiple cameras.

High-frequency radio waves disturb broadcasts quickly, making it impossible for good connections even when using top technologies like 2GHz Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) systems used by many security cameras, which often have longer ranges (upwards of 1 mile).

To ensure this won’t disrupt too much otherwise, purchasing an extra receiver would help reduce distorted images/video clips caused by weak signals as well as increase overall stability due to enhanced connectivity areas all around the house inside walls, etcetera which does block out normal Wi-Fi connectivity instantly creating weaker regions lacking proper reception even when primary connection points remain strong farther away thereby decreasing performance noticeably until boosted again at those locations via additional hardware solutions like extenders, etc.

In addition to considering coverage area and possible wireless interference issues before purchase, ensure installation does not require special technical knowledge. Setting up will be easy once the split screen monitor arrives unless setup instructions are clear. Then, looking around forums or getting help elsewhere may prove necessary, especially once connecting multiple receivers properly.

This could provide added benefits besides just checking on sleeping babies. At the same time, they rest peacefully, getting great real-time views both at home & remotely, thus offering advanced safety options not available before having access to data unavailable previously due to long distances between accessing family members living far apart usually.

Finally, pricing quality vs. features offered will play a huge part in determining the value received. Investing in devices serving long-term purposes serves everyone involved best in ensuring the ultimate satisfaction desired.


1. Can you do a split screen on the infant optics monitor?

With the parent unit and best-split-screen baby, you can monitor up to four places simultaneously. However, only one camera can be in your line of sight at any moment, letting you switch between multiple locations without missing a beat!

2. How do split-screen baby monitors work?

Stay connected to your little one with a babysense video baby monitor! This innovative device enables you to watch even the farthest room in your home – whether where they snuggle up for naps or play while you cook dinner. With two (or more) cameras securely linked, this nifty solution provides effortless monitoring from just one main screen.

Final Verdict On Best Baby Monitor With Split Screen

If you are in the market for the best baby monitor with split screen, any of the five monitors on our list would be a great choice. Our top pick overall is the Babysense Baby Monitor due to its exceptional range and battery life. Still, if you are looking for a more affordable option, the HiPP baby monitor also looks promising.

Whichever model you choose, we hope that our guide has helped narrow down your search so that you can find the perfect split-screen video baby for your needs. Thank you for reading!