Can You Wear a Backpack On a Motorcycle?

Backpacks are incredibly convenient for carrying all of your items with you. But can you wear a backpack on a motorcycle? Don’t worry; we have the answer! Read on to learn everything you need about wearing a backpack while riding a motorcycle safely and comfortably.

Safety First

Safety is the most important thing to consider when deciding if you should wear a backpack on your motorcycle. A bag that is too large or doesn’t fit properly can become an issue while riding, making it difficult to control the bike.

In addition, a bag that flaps in the wind can create turbulence and throw off your centre of gravity. It’s also essential to ensure that straps or buckles are not caught in any moving parts of the bike.

Ideally, you want to choose a bag designed specifically for motorcycle riders. These bags are designed with adjustable straps, reflective material, and waterproof fabric to stay secure while providing extra visibility and protection from the elements.

For best results, look for bags with adjustable chest and waist straps that help keep the bag snugly against your body while still giving you a complete range of motion.

Size Matters

Once you find the right bag for your needs, it’s time to consider the size. The bag size should be proportional to your body type, and bike style – something too small will leave you cramped and uncomfortable; something too large can be just as dangerous as mentioned above.

If you plan on carrying heavier items (like tools or spare parts), opt for larger bags, so they don’t weigh down one side more than the other and cause problems with balance or stability while riding.  

The Type of Backpack Matters

Not all backpacks are created equal, especially when it comes to motorcycle riding. If you consider wearing a backpack while riding your bike, make sure it is specifically designed for motorcycle riders.

This means the straps should be adjustable and preferably more prolonged than those of traditional backpacks so they can fit over bulky clothing like helmets and jackets. Additionally, it should be constructed out of durable materials that won’t get caught in any moving parts of your bike.

The Type of Motorcycle Matters Too

Whether or not a backpack is suitable for motorcycle riding also depends on what kind of bike you have. If you have a standard or touring bike, wearing a backpack is fine since these bikes are less potent than other motorcycles like sports bikes.

However, if you ride something more powerful—such as an off-road bike or a racing machine—it’s probably not wise to wear a backpack as these bikes can reach speeds much higher than their standard counterparts and require more concentration from the rider.

In this case, it’s better to opt for helmet bags, as they provide more stability at high speeds and don’t interfere with balance or concentration while riding.

Where Should You Put Your Bag?

Many riders ask where they should put their bag when not wearing it – after all, no one wants their stuff jostled around during every ride! However, it’s safe for most bikes to attach bags onto handlebars or saddlebags without causing damage.

However, some models may require special brackets or mounting kits depending on where you plan on putting them – so be sure to check with your bike’s manual before making any modifications!  

How do you attach a backpack to a motorcycle?

Attaching a backpack to a motorcycle is a relatively simple process, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, make sure that the backpack is securely fastened to your body. You don’t want it bouncing around while you’re driving!

Next, take a look at the straps on the backpack. Most will have some clip or carabiner that can be attached to a loop on the motorcycle.

If not, you can usually find a place to tie the straps onto the bike. Just ensure they’re tight and won’t come loose while you’re riding.

Finally, give the backpack a good tug before getting on the motorcycle to ensure it’s properly secured. With these tips in mind, attaching a backpack to your motorcycle is a breeze!


Whether heading out for an afternoon ride or planning an extended journey across state lines, you have the right gear for safe and comfortable travel – including backpacks! Following these tips for choosing the right backpack and adequately securing it onto your bike before hitting the road, you can enjoy knowing that all your belongings are secure and staying safe while riding.