Should My Dog Kennel Have A Floor In It

Should My Dog Kennel Have A Floor In It?

When it comes to kenneling your dog, one of the most important choices you will make is whether or not to include a floor in their home. There are pros and cons to either choice and as a dog owner, it can be not easy to decide which option is best for your pup. Let’s look at should my dog kennel have a floor in it and the benefits of having the floor in your dog’s kennel.

Should My Dog Kennel Have A Floor In It?

When facing the decision of whether or not to provide a floor for your dog’s kennel, careful consideration should be taken. Whether you decide to include a floor or not, it is important that the kennel space is comfortable and accommodating for your pup.

If choosing to opt out of lining the bottom of the kennel with any material, it is essential that you still regularly check on your dog and make sure nothing has been added to the bottom of their kennel that could potentially hurt them.

If having the floor adds insulation or extra cushioning for your pup, then consider investing in something made out of foam padding or another soft material substrate.

Whichever option you choose will ultimately depend on how much time you plan on spending in the kennel, but remember that regardless of whether there is a floor, their comfort should always come first!

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The Benefits of Adding a Floor to Your Dog’s Kennel

Should My Dog Kennel Have A Floor In It

The primary benefit of adding a floor to your pup’s kennel is that they will feel more secure and comfortable inside. Dogs love cozy spaces – it gives them an area they can call their own to relax without feeling exposed.

A floor in the kennel provides this sense of security by creating walls around them and providing insulation from cold temperatures and drafts. Additionally, some dogs may find comfort in being able to “nest” by burrowing them into blankets or pillows inside their kennel.

A floor also helps keep the area clean and free from debris like dirt, dust, or pet hair. This makes it easier for you to clean up after your pup since all you have to do is sweep out the kennel occasionally instead of vacuuming messes each time your dog goes outside.

Plus, if you decide to use an indoor potty pad, having the floor will help contain any accidents so that you don’t have messes all over the house! Finally, if you want to use the kennel outdoors, adding a floor will help protect your pup from elements like rain and cold weather.

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Do Dogs Feel Sad In Kennel?

Yes, dogs do feel sad in kennels. Studies have shown that animals can experience complex emotions, including sadness. Being confined to a small area and lacking opportunities for social interactions with humans or other animals can cause them to become anxious and depressed.

A study conducted by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) observed 105 shelter dogs over six months, finding that those living in kennels exhibited behaviors consistent with feelings of depression. This included low responses when given treats and general apathy when interacting with humans.

Similar studies conducted by researchers from Oxford University concluded that many sheltered dogs suffer from boredom-related depression due to a lack of mental stimulation or contact with people or other animals who could provide it.

Additionally, research concerning how long dogs remember experiences has shown that after being removed from a kennel environment, they still show signs of distress while interacting with their owners, even if their time there wasn’t particularly traumatic.

This suggests that even brief stays in confinement can still be emotionally damaging for our canine friends, leaving lasting psychological marks even after they’ve been released back into their homes where they belong.

Therefore it is important to avoid placing your pet dog in a kennel unless necessary, as this puts them at risk for developing depression and further emotional issues, which could negatively impact both you and your furry companion’s quality of life together!

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Bottom Line:

Overall, should my dog kennel have a floor in it, so adding a floor to your dog’s kennel can benefit you and your pup. It creates an enclosed space with more security and comfort than an open-air design would provide while also helping keep the area clean and protected from outdoor elements.

Ultimately, though it may add additional cost upfront, having the floor in your pup’s kennel is sure to be worth it when you see how much happier they are with their new home!