How to find a hole in an air mattress?

An air mattress is a great way to get comfortable during camping trips, sleepovers, and other outdoor adventures. But even the sturdiest mattresses can develop holes over time. This blog post will show you how to find and patch up a hole in your air mattress. Then, with just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort of your mattress for years to come!

How do I Know if My Air Mattress Has a Hole?

The most obvious sign that your air mattress may have a hole is when it stops holding air. Also, if your mattress starts becoming flattered than usual after inflating it, there’s a good chance that you have a hole somewhere on the surface of the fabric. To confirm this suspicion, you can use one of two methods: the soap test or the water test.

The Soap Test

If you can’t find any visible holes in your mattress, then the best thing is to do a soap test. To perform this test, inflate your air mattress until it is almost complete and then add 1/4 cup of dish soap into 4 cups of warm water.

Mix until combined, and then brush the soapy water over every inch of your mattress with a soft-bristled brush – don’t forget to check around all corners and seams! As you brush across the surface of your mattress, bubbles will form wherever there is an air leak. Once you’ve identified all culprits (there might be more than one!), mark them with a pen so that you know where they are when it’s time for repairs.  

The Water Test

This second test requires slightly more work than the first — but not much! Start by filling your sink with lukewarm water until it’s about halfway full. Then place your inflated air mattress into the sink (you may need someone else’s help).

So that its entire surface is submerged underwater, keep an eye out for any bubbles forming at any point on top of or around your mattress; these could indicate an air leak from a hole in its surface.              

Patching Up Your Air Mattress

Once you have located where exactly your mattress has a hole (or holes!), it’s time for some patching up! You can purchase adhesive patches from most stores that sell camping equipment — follow the instructions provided with them on how best to apply them onto your mattress. And voila! You should now be back in business with an easily-inflatable, completely patched-up air mattress!

Replacing Valves or Seams

If your valve or seam is leaking, then, unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do besides replacing them entirely. Fortunately, most replacement parts are relatively easy to find online or at camping supply stores.

Make sure that when replacing either item, they are securely fastened and adequately sealed once inflated; otherwise, your mattress will continue leaking! They’re usually not expensive either – win-win! You may want to consider purchasing a new air mattress altogether if these leaks become frequent – which could indicate a more significant problem depending on how much use or wear & tear your current one has seen over time!  

For example, suppose you’re using air mattresses frequently for camping trips year after year. In that case, investing in newer ones is also worth considering, as it’ll save money in the long run by having more reliable mattresses each time.  

Or if they’re infrequently used, periodic maintenance checks (such as checking for holes/leaks) might be good practice since they only last for a while, even if they are well cared for!  

That said, repairing small holes shouldn’t take too much effort nor cost too much money either, so don’t fret too much if yours has seen better days – remember, prevention is key here!    


Patches are one of the easiest ways to repair an air mattress with a hole, but they’re not always necessary! In some cases, all that’s needed is just some quick sealant applied directly onto the affected area of fabric – no patch required! Either way, finding any holes in an air mattress doesn’t have to be complicated; all it takes is patience and attention to detail when carrying out either of the tests mentioned above. With just these two steps completed, you can rest easy knowing that whatever outdoor adventure awaits won’t be ruined by uncomfortable sleeping conditions caused by pesky holes in your beloved air mattress!