How To Fold An Air Mattress

How To Fold An Air Mattress?

Need an extra bed in a pinch? Air mattresses are great for hosting guests and camping trips alike. And one of the best parts of owning an air mattress is learning how to fold it properly. If you’ve ever tried to fold up your air mattress only to have it explode into a jumbled mess, don’t worry — folding an air mattress isn’t as difficult as it seems. With our step-by-step guide of How To Fold An Air Mattress, you’ll be able to master the art of air mattress folding in no time!

How To Fold An Air Mattress In 4 Easy Steps

How To Fold An Air Mattress

Step 1: Deflate Your Air Mattress

Before folding your air mattress, ensure all the air is out. You can either use an electric pump or manually push each side down until all the air is out. It’s essential to ensure that all the air is out before you begin folding to avoid any awkward bulges or bends when trying to store your mattress away.  

Step 2: Fold Your Air Mattress In Half

Once your mattress is completely deflated, it’s time to start folding! Start by folding your mattress in half lengthwise. This will help create a more manageable size for storing and carrying. Make sure that both sides are lined up evenly so there won’t be any creases or lumps when you unfold it later on.  

Step 3: Roll Your Mattress From One End To The Other

Next, begin rolling up your mattress from one end to the other. Keep rolling until it’s completely rolled up and held together with one hand while using the other to keep everything tight and even. This step may take some practice, but once you get the hang of it, it should become easier over time.  

Step 4: Secure The Straps Around The Mattress

Finally, secure the straps around the rolled-up mattress so that everything stays in place during storage or transport. Some mattresses come with built-in straps, but if yours doesn’t, use some rope or bungee cords instead. Once everything is secure, your folded mattress should look like a giant burrito ready for storage or transport!

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Why Do People Lose Air When Closing an Airbed?

When closing an airbed, people usually roll it up from the foot of the bed toward the head. This rolling motion causes pressure on the valve, which can cause a small amount of air loss when closed.

This is because the valve used in most modern airbeds are explicitly designed for inflating and deflating a bed quickly and efficiently—not for long-term storage purposes. As such, they do not offer any protection against leaks while in storage mode.

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How Can I Store My Airbed Without Losing Air?

The best way to store your airbed without worrying about losing its precious air is by leaving it open until you need it again. This will ensure that no pressure is placed on the valve; therefore, no air will escape from the bed during storage.

However, if this isn’t possible due to a lack of space or other constraints, there are still ways you can store your airbed without losing any of its much-needed inflation.

First, you should make sure that your valve is firmly closed before attempting to roll or fold your bed. Once this is done, slowly roll or fold your bed towards the head of the mattress instead of towards the foot—this will reduce pressure on the valve and minimize any potential air losses during storage.

Additionally, ensure that your folded or rolled-up mattress does not come into contact with sharp objects, as these can puncture the material and cause leaks over time. Finally, use a cover to protect against dirt and debris, which could eventually lead to holes in your mattress.

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Folding an air mattress may seem daunting at first, but with this guide of How To Fold An Air Mattress, you should have no trouble mastering this skill! Just remember these four easy steps—deflate, fold in half lengthwise, roll from one end to another, and secure with straps—and soon enough, you’ll be able to fold and store away your air mattress like a pro! So now impress all your friends with this handy new skill!