Best Portable Monitor For Steam Deck

Top 5 Best Portable Monitor For Steam Deck

Are you considering getting the best portable monitor for steam deck? With so many options, it might feel like an overwhelming decision – but don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ve picked out the top 5 best portable monitors that are perfect for Steam Decks so that you can find the one that’s just right for you.

Despite their different sizes and features, these monitors all have high-resolution capabilities and are worth the money.

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We know picking the right monitor for your steam deck takes a lot of work. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve read thousands of reviews and tested tons of products. Ultimately, we have rounded up five special deals offering unbeatable value.

You won’t find better quality anywhere else. So if you want to take your steam deck to the next level, our Best Of List is where it’s!

Our Top Picks Of Best Portable Monitor For Steam Deck

1. KYY Portable Monitor | Best Overall

Best Portable Monitor For Steam Deck

What Got Us Hooked?

KYY Portable Monitor is the ultimate gaming and multimedia monitor. It uses a 15.6” advanced IPS screen with a 178° wide viewing angle to deliver 1920*1080 breathtaking viewing quality and HDR technology so that you can say goodbye to washed-out colors and poor contrast.

It also has excellent color rendering ability, providing you with a clearer and smoother experience in gaming/multimedia than ever before. Its eye-care features, such as no flickering or blue light radiation damage, make it easier to watch for hours without worrying about eye strain or other damage from staring at an inferior screen.

And yet KYY Portable Monitor is still compatible with all the devices you’ve come to rely on: laptops, smartphones, PCs, PS4s, XBOX Ones, and Nintendo Switches—even though it’s small enough to fit in your pocket!

Things to know

You want everything with you when you’re on the go. Having a single monitor and clunky setup isn’t what you want—you want it all to fit in your bag.

KYY USB C portable monitor is a simple solution for anyone looking for an easy way to extend their phone screen for movies or games or those needing a second monitor for work. It features a 0.3-inch ultra-slim profile(1.7lb), so it’s easy to slide into your bag to carry it everywhere.

The durable smart cover doubles as a stand that provides comprehensive protection for this portable computer monitor while giving you the choice of viewing angle in two grooves in the cover base. If you want something lightweight but powerful, KYY USB C portable monitor is the perfect accessory for your busy lifestyle!

User’s Fun Story About Product

A Satisfied User said:

“The monitor has been a game-changer for me since I’ve been on the road for my job for the past year and a half. I had to ensure it could handle all the work I needed with it—and it does! I love the USB-C connection because I can plug it in and go, and the added weight in my bag is worth it.

The only thing I want to see improved is a more robust stand or hinge. In 99% of cases, it’s more than adequate, and for all the freedom this has given me, I can’t complain!”

2. cocopar Portable Monitor | Best Travel Monitor with Speaker

Best Portable Monitor For Steam Deck

What Got Us Hooked?

The Cocopar portable monitor is the perfect accessory for your Macbook, Surface Pro, Lenovo laptop, HP laptop, Dell laptop, ASUS laptop, and more. It’s easy to use and compatible with a wide range of devices.

This second laptop monitor supports Extend and Mirror Mode, bringing you efficiency for meetings, work from home, and presentations.

Featuring a 1080P resolution, 72% color gamut, 178° FULL viewing angle, HDR, and Low Blue Light Super Clear IPS A-grade screen, this Cocopar 15.6 inch portable screen for a laptop with two VESA holes can be easily mounted on a stand for landscape and vertical mode for high productivity.

Things to know

This travel monitor is ideal for business trips and home office needs. It weighs less than 1.6 pounds and measures only 4mm (0.2 inches) at its slimmest point. It’s the perfect size to take with you anywhere, whether traveling for work or just wanting a second screen for your laptop.

This monitor comes with two full-featured USB-C ports, one mini HDMI port, and a Smart Stand Case, so you can use it anywhere—even if there aren’t any outlets!

It’s compatible with most laptops, PCs, PS4s, and Xboxes—make sure your device supports Thunderbolt 3.0/4.0 or USB 3.1 Type C DP ALT-MODE before purchasing this product.

User’s Fun Story About Product

A Satisfied User said:

“I have been looking for a portable monitor for my laptop for quite some time now and have tried many different ones. A friend recommended me this product, and it has not disappointed me. It is an excellent quality product, lightweight, has great picture quality, and works straight out of the box.

The size and weight are perfect because I don’t have to use a desk with every move. The screen is crystal clear and very responsive. I am pleased with the size and weight and look forward to many years of use ahead.”

3. Lepow Portable Monitor | Best Lightweight External Monitor

Best Portable Monitor For Steam Deck

What Got Us Hooked?

If you want a truly immersive viewing experience, Lepow’s USB C 1920*1080 portable monitor delivers. The 15.6-inch Full HD IPS screen uses eye protection that keeps your eyes from getting tired during prolonged use.

But this is more than just a high-quality monitor. It has versatile digital connectivity, including mini HDMI and USB C ports to connect your laptop, smartphone, PC, PS3, PS4 consoles, or Nintendo Switch—or anything else with a USB port!

It’s ideal for extending your screen or playing games on a business trip or while traveling—and even at home!

This monitor also features an anti-glare coating to ensure you can see everything clearly, even in bright light conditions. It’s small enough to fit in any bag or backpack (and light enough that you won’t even notice it when carrying it around).

Things to know

The Lepow Portable Monitor is a slim, lightweight, portable monitor that provides excellent protection for your screen. It has a protective film to prevent scratches and a smart cover case that folds into different positions to create a stand.

With two built-in speakers that are great for watching movies or playing games, the Lepow will make it easy to enjoy your favorite media files in any environment. The HDR mode allows for excellent mainstream transmission so that you can enjoy video transmissions in-game and other entertainment.

It’s easy to set up, too! Just plug it into your laptop via USB-C and use the HDMI cable included to connect it to an external display. That’s it! Now you’re ready to go!

User’s Fun Story About Product

A Satisfied User said:

“I have been using the Lepow Portable Monitor for a few days. I am using it as an external monitor via HDMI, and so far, I’m very happy with it.

The screen resolution is excellent, and it performs well as a secondary monitor for my laptop. It’s also easy to carry around if I need to work on the go. I haven’t had any success connecting it via USB-C yet, but I hope that will change once I upgrade my laptop to one that supports USB-C!”

4. ARZOPA Portable Monitor | Best for PC Mac Phone Xbox Switch

Best Portable Monitor For Steam Deck

What Got Us Hooked?

The ARZOPA portable monitor can act as your second monitor well and improve work efficiency. You can work and perform multiple tasks simultaneously while using this monitor.

Designed with a 15.6-inch display, the screen features 1080P, FHD, IPS, and an anti-glare display. The 60Hz high resolution brings excellent richness in the color of pictures, videos, work, and screen quality.

The ARZOPA portable monitor is an ideal choice for those who love to watch movies on their laptops or desktops but don’t have enough space to place another monitor. With a built-in battery, users can take the product anywhere without worrying about charging it again.

Things to know

The Arizona Portable Monitor is the perfect companion for your next trip!

You can view bright, crisp images away from your computer with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio. Lightweight and portable, this monitor weighs just 1.7 pounds and measures 0.3 inches thick.

The Arizona Portable Monitor also features dual USB-C ports, so it’s compatible with PCs, Macs, mobile phones, Raspberry Pis, and more. Plus, its mini HDMI port allows compatibility with any laptop!

User’s Fun Story About Product

A Satisfied User said:

“I use this monitor as a second monitor, so I can have the main display on my laptop and then have this one as a secondary display. Because it’s flat, it only takes up a little space on my desk. And it comes with a cover with ridges to stand the monitor up, so there is no extra cost there either!

It was straightforward to set up—plug in the lead, and you’re ready. I like how it mirrors your laptop or PC monitor, so you can switch between screens quickly without clicking back and forth. The picture quality is excellent, too; bright and clear!”

5. ZSCMALLS Portable Monitor | Best for PS3 PS4 Xbox Nintendo Raspberry pi

Best Portable Monitor For Steam Deck

What Got Us Hooked?

Don’t get stuck without a mirror in your pocket! The ZSCMALLS Portable Monitor is the perfect travel accessory. This USB C portable monitor features impressive plug-and-play functionality with no driver installation required.

Support mirroring and split-screen modes to enhance your productivity and gaming fun, perfect for dual monitors or a third screen. IPS screen delivers 1920 x 1080 resolution and 178° wide viewing angle; reduces blue light radiation damage, is flicker-free, and keeps your eyes healthy. The slim design makes it easy to carry and handy—perfect for traveling.

Things to know

The ZSCMALLS hd portable monitor is the perfect companion for your laptop, PC, cell phone, PS3/PS4/PS5, XBOX ONE, and switch. The monitor is designed to be as light as possible so you can take it anywhere. It weighs just 1.36 lbs and measures only 0.35 inches thin.

The protective cover is durable PU leather that looks like the real thing without being too flashy or expensive. The cover folds into three different positions to form a stand that protects the screen from damage while making it easy to use your device hands-free.

The portable monitor has USB C, mini HDMI, and USB ports, so it’s easy to connect your device and start streaming immediately without any additional equipment needed!

User’s Fun Story About Product

A Satisfied User said:

“I was pleasantly surprised with this monitor’s picture quality and build quality. I am very picky regarding monitors and have many of them, but this one is decent.

It has a good amount of brightness and contrast. I could view it from many angles without distortion or loss of color quality. I recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable portable monitor without skimping performance! Much better then other portable monitors.”

Buying Guide Of Best Portable Monitor For Steam Deck

Getting caught up in the excitement of getting your first portable steam deck and looking for the best one is easy. But ensuring it will suit your needs is essential before you purchase a product.

Before you make a decision, consider these things:

1. The Size of Your Deck

The size of your steam deck will be the most significant factor in determining which portable monitor is right for you. If you have a small steam deck, you’ll want something that fits into your pocket and only takes up a little space. If you have a large steam deck, a larger monitor might be better suited for you.

2. How Heavy Is It?

You don’t want to lug around an enormous best portable gaming monitor on your travels, but neither do you want something so light that it feels cheap or flimsy. You want something sturdy but light enough to carry around comfortably. Also make sure that it must have at least two usb c ports which have usb c connectivity.

3. What’s the Resolution?

Resolution matters when it comes to portable monitors because the higher the resolution, the better the picture quality in your shots (and videos). Suppose the resolution is optional, and the price is more important than quality. In that case, that’s fine—ensure the monitor has enough pixels to capture high-quality images without lag time between shots!


1. Can you use a portable monitor with Steam Deck?

Certainly! A compatible USB-C to DisplayPort cable or adapter lets you connect a portable monitor to the Steam Deck’s USB-C port. This allows you to extend your display or mirror the Steam Deck’s screen on a larger monitor for an enhanced gaming experience or increased productivity.

2. Can you stream Steam Deck to monitor?

Yes, you can stream the Steam Deck’s gameplay to an external monitor (like asus rog strix or asus rog strix xg17ahpe) using the single usb c port Alt Mode or wirelessly via Steam Link, allowing you to enjoy games on a larger screen while using the Steam Deck as a portable gaming console.

3. What quality is Steam Deck on the monitor?

The Steam Deck supports a maximum display output of 1080p resolution at 60Hz on an external monitor, providing high-quality gameplay and visuals when connected to a compatible display.

4. Is Steam Deck battery better than Switch?

The Steam Deck’s battery life is generally shorter than the Nintendo Switch’s, which typically offers 2.5-6 hours of gameplay. However, it’s worth noting that the Steam Deck offers more powerful hardware and PC gaming capabilities, which may require more energy to operate.

5. Is Steam Deck fast charging?

Yes, the Steam Deck supports fast charging. It utilizes USB-C Power Delivery technology, allowing faster charging when using a compatible charger or power source.

Final Verdict On Best Portable Monitor For Steam Deck

As mentioned earlier, the five best portable monitors for Steam deck can make a huge difference when gaming on the go. Whether you prefer to enjoy epic RPGs solo or sort out some sweet co-op action with friends, these most portable monitors will enhance your experience and make gaming even more enjoyable.

Consider whether size, portable display or external displays, screen space, oled panel, or other features are essential before deciding your gaming needs. With reliable portable gaming monitors, you can take advantage of comfortable gaming sessions anywhere! Have fun and happy hunting!