best entry level automatic watches

Best Entry Level Automatic Watches In Trend

Dress watches will make you the star of the dive watch the show with their elegant and sophisticated look. If you’re more of an adventure junkie, dive best entry level automatic watches are your new best friend. They can handle underwater pressure like a boss!

Sports enthusiasts, we’ve got your back too! Check out those tough sports watches with cool features like clocks and luminescent hands. So, pick your perfect entry-level automatic watch that matches your style and fits your budget. Let’s rock this horological adventure together!

How We Choose Our Entry Level Automatic Watches

Hey, watch aficionados. Get ready for a thrilling adventure in the world of entry-level automatic watches! We have our detective hats and are scouring the horological landscape for the coolest features! We’ve hit Amazon and handpicked the top 5 best entry level automatic watches just for you!

Our Top Picks Of Best Entry Level Automatic Watches

1. Hamilton Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch | Best Overall

best entry level automatic watches

What Got Us Hooked?

Now, this watch is a real gem for all you watch enthusiasts out there! The Khaki Field Murph Auto Watch is a surprise. It is packed with ETA automatic movement for top-notch precision.

You can rely on this baby to keep time like a champ! And let’s not forget its sleek round shape and 22.0 bandwidth – a perfect combo of boldness and style that’ll make you stand out in any crowd.

Things to Know About Khaki Field Murph Auto Watch

Plus, it’s got a Swiss self-wind movement and an analog display for that timeless classic feel. And guess what?

With a water resistance of 10 ATM, it’s ready to take on anything from rain to splashes. So whether you’re heading to a formal event or just rocking your everyday look, this watch has your back!

User’s Fun Story About Khaki Field Murph Auto Watch

A Satisfied User said:

The ETA automatic movement inside the field watch ensures it’s always on time. I mean, no more fumbling with my phone to check the time – this bad boy’s got me covered! And the design? It’s like they read my mind!

The round shape and the 22.0 bandwidth give it this rugged yet stylish look that suits my taste perfectly. So, you bet I wear it when I’m hiking or doing anything outdoorsy. Rain or shine, this watch is with me, and it keeps ticking like a champ!

2. Orient ‘2nd Gen Bambino Watch | Best Japanese Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

best entry level automatic watches

What Got Us Hooked?

Hey, modern trendsetters, listen up! The Orient’s 2nd Gen Bambino Automatic Watch is calling your name! Check out that domed mineral crystal – it’s like stepping back in time with a twist of modernity.

And the best part? The Japanese-automatic movement keeps things running smoothly and accurately. So no more worrying about being fashionably late!

Things to Know About Orient’s 2nd Gen Automatic Watch

With a case diameter of 40.5mm, this watch fits right on your wrist – not too big, not too small, just perfect. And don’t forget, it can handle splashes and brief meters of water resistance and immersion like a champ. So it’s perfect for those impromptu water fights!

User’s Fun Story About Orient’s 2nd-Gen Automatic Watch

A Satisfied User said:

Dude, you won’t believe the watch I scored – the Orient’s 2nd Gen Bambino Automatic Watch! It’s legit amazing. So, it’s got this domed mineral crystal, which gives it this rad vintage vibe. I feel like I’m rocking some old-school charm with a modern twist!

Oh, and get this – it’s water-resistant up to 30m! So, I don’t stress when washing my hands or catching a sudden rain shower.

3. Relic by Fossil Automatic Watch | Premium-Quality

best entry level automatic watches

What Got Us Hooked?

Who’s up for a little peek inside the watch’s soul? The Relic by Fossil Men’s Automatic Watch shows off its skeleton dial. It reveals the intricate gears and mechanics. It’s like art in motion!

And guess what? You power this beauty with your movements – it’s like you and the watch are true partners in time!

Things to Know About Relic by Fossil Men’s Automatic Watch

Rocking a black leather band with buckle closure, this watch means business in style and durability. And that durable mineral crystal face?

Yeah, it’s got your back against scratches and nicks. Oh, and did we mention it’s water-resistant too? Perfect for a little splash in the pool or a refreshing shower.

User’s Fun Story About Relic by Fossil Men’s Automatic Watch

A Satisfied User said:

Okay, listen up, guys! The Relic by Fossil Men’s Automatic Watch is mind-blowing! The dial is see-through, like you can see the gears moving inside. It’s like I’m wearing a piece of art on my wrist. So mesmerizing!

And guess what? This watch runs on my movements! How cool is that? No more battery worries. It’s like the watch, and I am a perfect team, keeping time together.

4. PINDU Automatic Watches for Men | Best Durable Watch

best entry level automatic watches

What Got Us Hooked?

Looking for a simple yet stylish watch? The PINDU Automatic Watch has got your back! With its 40mm stainless steel case, it exudes luxury and high-end taste. Plus, the enlarged Roman numerals on the dial make reading time a breeze – even when you’re in a rush!

Things to Know About PINDU Automatic Watch

And here’s the best part – no need for batteries! This watch runs on automatic self-winding, powered by your daily movements. It’s like the watch knows you’re always on the go! Remember to give it a little manual winding to keep it in top shape.

User’s Fun Story About PINDU Automatic Watch

A Satisfied User said:

I feel like a boss every time I wear it! And check this out – it’s an automatic watch, so no more battery worries. It powers itself up as I move around. But get this: a little manual winding keeps it super accurate now and then.

I kinda dig winding it up – it’s like bonding time with my watch! Oh, and did I mention it’s water-resistant up to 3ATM? I can rock it while light swimming or getting caught in a little rain. It’s my everyday watch now, and I love it!

5. FORSINING Skeleton Watches | Best Watch with Triangle Dial

best entry level automatic watches

What Got Us Hooked?

Attention all trendsetters and rebels! The FORSINING Triangular Gold Shield Watch is here to make a statement! With its one-of-a-kind triangular shield dial, this watch is all about breaking the mold. You’ve got to see it to believe it – the movement inside is like a piece of art in motion!

Things to Know About FORSINING Triangular Gold Shield Watch

No need to hassle with batteries – this watch is powered by automatic self-winding. So wear it, move around, and let it do the rest! The black rubber strap keeps it comfortable and flexible on your wrist. The luminous hands make reading the time a breeze, even in the dark.

User’s Fun Story About FORSINING Triangular Gold Shield Watch

A Satisfied User said:

No batteries are needed. I just wear it, and it powers itself up. My watch is a superhero, always ready to save the day at the right time! The black rubber strap is so comfy I hardly notice it’s there.

And let me tell you, the luminous hands are a lifesaver at night – I can check the time without turning on the lights.

The black rubber strap is so comfy I hardly notice it’s there. And let me tell you, the luminous hands are a lifesaver at night – I can check the time without turning on the lights. Genius!

Buying Guide Of Best Entry Level Automatic Watches

Hey there! So, you’re getting into the world of automatic watches and want to grab a cool one without breaking the bank? Look no further than entry-level automatic watches!

These offer style and function and won’t hurt your wallet. In this guide to best automatic watches, we’ll walk you through the key things to consider. Pick the best entry-level automatic watch that matches your taste and budget.

Understanding Automatic Watches:

First things first, let’s talk about automatic best entry level automatic watches. They’re the ones that don’t need a battery to run. They work by harnessing your wrist’s movement to keep them ticking. The coolest part? No need to worry about replacing batteries!

Budget Considerations:

Alright, let’s talk money. Before diving in, set your budget. Prices for entry-level automatic watches can vary quite a bit. They can range anywhere from $70 to $500. Don’t worry; there are great options in every price range.

Quality of Movement:

Now, we’re getting to the heart of the movement. It’s like the engine of your watch. Look for ones made by trusted manufacturers like Seiko, Citizen, or Miyota. Miyota movements are top-notch and won’t leave a dent in your wallet.

Case and Build Materials:

The case material matters. It affects how sturdy and stylish your watch will be. Stainless steel cases are popular for their durability and classic look. Some watches mix stainless steel with materials like ceramic or titanium for extra toughness and style.

Watch Crystal:

The watch crystal is like the clear armor that protects the dial. For entry-level watches, you’ll often see mineral crystals. They strike a good balance between scratch resistance and price. If you’re feeling fancy, some watches come with sapphire crystals. They are even more scratch-resistant but might increase the price.

Dial and Hands:

Looks matter, right? Check out the dial design – classic, modern, minimalist, or intricate. Choose what makes you tick! The hands should be easy to read and glow in the dark for those dimly lit moments.

Water Resistance:

Water resistance is essential for everyday wear. Even if you’re not planning to go scuba diving. Ensure your watch has at least 50 meters (5 ATM) of water resistance to handle rain and accidental dips.

Strap Options:

Let’s talk about straps! Best entry level automatic watches usually come with stainless steel bracelets, leather straps, or nylon bands. Go for what fits your style and lifestyle. Metal is tough and goes with everything, leather oozes elegance, and nylon is comfy and casual.

Size and Fit:

You want one that fits your wrist nicely. For guys, aim for a case diameter between 38mm to 42mm, while gals often prefer smaller sizes around 34mm to 38mm. Thickness matters, too, for how it sits on your wrist.

Brand Reputation:

You don’t want to end up with a dud, right? Look for reliable watch brands with reviews and a history of making quality products. Think Seiko, Citizen, Orient, or Timex for awesome entry-level automatic watches.

Complications (Optional):

Fancy some extras? Some watches have cool features like date displays, and day-date windows. And even chronograph functions. These watch features and complications add versatility but might also bump up the price.

Warranty and After-Sales Support:

Last but not least, before hitting that “buy” button, check the warranty. It’s like an insurance for your watch. Also, make sure the brand has good customer support, just in case you need some help down the road.

Read Customer Reviews:

Before committing to a watch, read customer reviews to get insights from real users. Make an informed decision by looking for feedback on durability, accuracy, and satisfaction.

Check the Lume:

If you often find yourself in low-light conditions, having good lume on the watch hands and markers will be helpful for easy reading.

Automatic vs. Quartz:

While automatic watches are charming and self-winding. Quartz watches are battery-powered and generally more affordable than mechanical watches.

Watch Maintenance:

Automatic watches require regular wearing or winding to keep them running accurately. If you don’t plan on wearing the watch daily. Consider getting a watch winder to maintain its accuracy when unused.

Check for Additional Straps:

Some entry-level automatic watches come with extra straps. It allows you to switch up the style. This can be a great value addition and allows you to adapt the watch to different occasions.

Tips to Take Care of Automatic Watches

Wear it, wind it, store it safely, and show it some love with regular servicing. Treat it right; it’ll be your faithful companion for years, keeping you stylish and on time. So be the proud owner of a well-loved and well-kept automatic watch!

Wear It Often and Wind It Up:

Let your watch feel the love! Wear it regularly, and it’ll keep on ticking if you can’t wear it daily, no worries! Get a watch winder to keep the movement happy and your watch on time.

Store It Safely:

When your watch takes a break, give it a comfy place to chill. Store it in a watch box or case away from sunlight, humidity, and temperature extremes. And oh, keep it far away from magnets – they’re not the best friends for your watch.

Wind Gently:

If your watch can be hand-wound, treat it gently. Don’t go overboard with the hand winding – just a bit of love and care will do the trick.

Handle with Care:

Your automatic watch is sturdy, but it’s not a tank. Be mindful of extreme shocks or impacts – take it off during sports or heavy activities to keep it in top shape.

Regular TLC – Service Time!

Treat your watch to a spa day every 3 to 5 years. Take it to a watchmaker for a good cleaning, a splash of lubrication, and a little adjustment. It’ll come back feeling brand new!

Guard the Crystal:

The watch crystal is like your watch’s shield. Keep it scratch-free by avoiding rough surfaces and clumsy handling. If it’s sapphire crystal, it’s tougher, but still, handle it carefully!

Dive Wisely:

If your watch is water-resistant, that’s awesome! But check its limits. Don’t push it beyond the rated water resistance. Remember to remove it before swimming, showering, or diving.

Strap Cleaning 101:

Keep your straps looking fly by giving them a gentle cleaning. For a leather strap, use a damp cloth, and don’t soak it. A mild soapy bath and a soft brush will do the trick for metal bracelets.

Stay Away from Chemicals:

Your watch doesn’t like chemicals – perfumes, lotions, and cleaning agents. Keep it away from these troublemakers to maintain its good looks.

Crown Check:

Before making a splash, double-check the crown. Make sure it’s screwed down tight to keep the water out.

Service the Seals:

If your watch is water-resistant, don’t forget to have its seals and gaskets servicing. They keep the water out, and we want them in top shape!

Temperature Matters:

Keep your watch comfy – avoid extreme temperatures. It doesn’t like hot saunas or freezing winter adventures.

Be Mindful of Magnetic Fields:

Magnetic fields can mess with your watch’s accuracy. Avoid placing it near strong magnets. Such as speakers, laptops, or magnetic closures on bags.

Regular Time Setting:

If you haven’t worn your watch for a while, setting the time before wearing it again is a good idea. This helps the gears and components settle back into action.

Avoid Using Chronograph Underwater:

If your watch has a chronograph (stopwatch) function. It’s best not to operate it while submerged in water. Doing so can compromise the quartz watch itself’s water resistance.

Rotate Your Collection:

If you have multiple watches, try to rotate them regularly. This allows each watch to be worn and reduces the strain on a single timepiece.

Different Types of Automatic Watches

From elegant dress best entry level automatic watches to rugged dive watches, we’ve got it all covered. Let’s dive into this guide to discover the cool types of automatic movements and watches.

Dress Watches

Picture this: you’re all dressed up for a fancy event, and what’s that on your wrist? It’s a sleek and stylish dress watch! These beauties keep it classy with a minimalist design and a thin profile. You’ll find them with leather straps and elegant blue dial-s.

Dive Watches

If you’re a water lover or an adventure seeker, dive watches are your perfect match! These sturdy timepieces are made to handle deep waters and have impressive water resistance. It is often up to 200 meters or more. Plus, they come with a cool rotating bezel to track your dive time.

Pilot Watches

Calling all aviation fans! Pilot watches are here to make you feel like a high flyer. They’ve got big, easy-to-read dials with bold numerals or markers. Some even have features like chronographs or dual time zones for added functionality.

Sports Watches

For those with an active lifestyle, sports watches are a go-to choice. These bad boys are tough, with scratch-resistant crystals and durable straps. Many sports watches rock chronographs, tachymeters, and luminescent hands. It makes them perfect for outdoor adventures.

Racing Watches

Rev up your engines! Racing watches are all about speed and style. Their sporty design and vibrant colors make them a hit with motorsport enthusiasts. You’ll find cool features like tachymeter scales and chronographs for timing laps.

Skeleton Watches

Fancy seeing what’s under the hood? Skeleton watches show off their mesmerizing mechanical movement through a transparent dial. It’s like having a tiny art exhibit on your wrist!

Moonphase Watches

If you’re into celestial vibes, moon phase watches are enchanting. They showcase the current moon phase on the dial, adding a touch of romance and dreaminess.

GMT Watches

Traveling around the globe? GMT watches got you covered. They display a second-time zone, perfect for tracking time in different parts of the world.

Military Watches

Military watches are all about durability and functionality. They sport matte finishes, sturdy cases, and dials that are easy to read. Ready for action!

Vintage-Inspired Watches

Get that retro feel with vintage-inspired watches. They bring back classic designs with modern features. Like domed crystals and aged dials.

Luxury Automatic Watches

For those who crave luxury, these watches are the epitome of sophistication. They are made by prestigious watchmakers. They often feature precious metals, intricate complications, and exquisite detailing.


1. Is it worth owning an automatic watch?

Absolutely! Having an automatic watch is like having a piece of history right on your wrist. Plus, you never have to worry about changing batteries – it’s like magic!

2. Do automatic watches last?

For sure! If you take good care of your automatic watch, it can last for generations. It’s a mechanical masterpiece that can stand the test of time.

3. Can I wear my automatic watch every day?

Yes! Your automatic watch is meant to be worn every day. It’s tough and reliable, so take it along for all your adventures!

4. Is quartz better than automatic?

Well, it depends on what floats your boat. Quartz watches are accurate and low-maintenance. The automatic watches have that cool self-winding charm and craftsmanship. It’s all about your style and preference.

5. Is Tissot a luxury?

Yes! Tissot is all about luxury and class. They’ve got that Swiss heritage, top-notch craftsmanship. And a wide range of watches that’ll make you feel like a million bucks!

Final Verdict On Best Entry Level Automatic Watches

There you have it, folks! Finding the best entry level automatic watches doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just remember to consider the movement, case materials, water resistance, and style. Watch community love screw down crown and power reserve watches. Especially those with Swiss automatic movement. And, of course, stick with reputable brands that stand behind their products. Happy watch hunting!